Outsmart the Thieves

March 20, 2013
You’ve locked your car. Now everything is safe. Not so fast. You aren’t as safe as you think.

Thieves are smashing car windows and getting easy access to your house. How does this work?

They break into a car outside a church, restaurant, theatre, football game, or in long-term parking. You get the trend. Any place you are parked that lets the thief know there is a good chance no one will be home for awhile, is where he is striking.

Once inside the car, they get your address off the registration in the glove compartment, drive to your house and use your remote garage door opener. Viola, they are inside. If you parked in long-term parking at the airport, they know they have time to get a truck and clean out the entire house. And they have done just that.

When I first heard about this scheme, I thought that doesn’t happen or at best seldom happens. I heard on the news last week that it is happening in our city.

What steps you take to protect yourself from these types of robberies is your choice. Do you take your garage door opener and car registration with you --- or at least your car registration so they won’t know your address? Might not be a bad idea.