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Bruno's Heating & Cooling

Phone: (719) 286-9727

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
10/19/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I received very bad customer service from Bruno's Heating and Cooling, when they were to come scheduled to come out for a cleaning service on my air conditioner. I had nothing but promises, that never happened and issues never resolved with them. (See detailed dates and information in the letter attached) I did however try to resolve the issue by: when I received a bill from Bruno's Heating and Cooling on August the 4th. I called the office and talked with the manager, Wayne who told me not to worry about it that I wouldn't have to pay them, but to please not call them again. I spoke to Wayne at 2:56PM and he returned my call from a cell phone number of ************. Then he slammed the phone down and hung up on me before I could say anything else. So, I assumed it was taken care of. Then on August the 28th I received another bill from Bruno's Heating and Cooling. So, once again I called Bruno's and again spoke to Wayne at 10:12AM. I once again explained the situation and that he had not kept his word, because I received another bill, and once again was told not to worry about the bill I didn't owe them anything. This time I asked for them to mail me something in the mail. He said yes, he would get me something in the mail that said it had been paid in full. I called again on September the 3rd at 1:58AM, because I had not received anything and spoke to Jane. She said she talked with Wayne and that it was in the mail. Finally, I received a statement in the mail that said "paid in full from Bruno's Heating and Cooling with a zero balance". The stamp dated on the envelope showed that it was mailed from Denver, on September 4th 2015. However, yesterday I received yet another bill from Bruno's Heating and Cooling that said my balance was past due and needed to be paid promptly for $127.50. I was told by two different people at the company that this had been taken care of and that I don't owe them anything. I have called a number of times to get this resolved. This company, from my standpoint, is unreliable and does not appear to understand what customer service is. They are uncommunicative, which has caused me to feel like they have been less than honest with me throughout this process. At this point, all I want from Bruno's is for them to keep their word and have my account balance shown as zero with no more 'outstanding' bill mailed to me as I was told by the Manager Wayne at the Colorado Springs office. I believed Wayne's word and do not feel that I owe this company any money. Please see a more detailed letter in attachment on why I was informed I don't owe this money.

Desired Settlement
I would like for *****'s Heating and Cooling to keep their word and not charge me, I was told that my bill was zero and that I didn't owe their company any money. Plus, since I don't owe them any money, I would like for them to stop sending me past due notices or billing in the mail. I would also like a letter from them signed by the owner of the company, Troy *****, that I don't owe them money.

Business Response

We here at Bruno's are willing to work with any customer if they are happy with the service that they receive. With this particular instance we were called out to service an AC unit, when our tech went out he found that the duct work was extremely dirty and clogged and that the evaporation coil had been iced up. At that time the customer was told that the coil needed to defrost before our tech could finish the work and we would contact them to make a return appointment as he would not make it back out that day due to the coil needing at least 3-4 hours to defrost as it was extremely iced over and dirty. We usually collect payment at time of service but since we were going to have to come back out at a later date, we did not collect money at that time and would give them a final billing when we were done. Our tech was not able to get back out until 7-10-15, 4 days later at which time the customer indicated that they no longer required our services, so we billed them for the time we spent on their unit cleaning it. Our tech spent 1.5 hours in which we billed them for. The customer called our office and was not happy being charged for the full visit so we dropped the bill from 127.50 to 85.00 and re-sent the new bill. The customer felt that they should not have to pay for anything due to us not being able to come back out before 7-10-15. We don't usually promise customers a definite time being as we don't always know what the job before them will entail, and we are usually really booked up, we do try and make scheduled times but that is not always possible to keep.

The only resolution the customer was satisfied with was voiding the bill in its entirety, which we did. A clerical error prevented the invoice from finalizing and a bill was sent to them in error. It has since been corrected and they will not receive another billing.

Again Bruno's would like to apologize and we in no way ever intended to appear dishonest or complacent with the needs and expectations of our customers.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
There comments weren't all truthful; however, I'm happy with the out come, if the business truly keeps their word and had voided the bill like it was indicated in their remarks. Still I will never be contacting them or using there services again!

10/10/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Called Bruno's for AC repair. They replaced fan motor and left old capacitor in. Fan would not turn at all. AC unit was still making noises. Called them back and was told 2-3 weeks for them to return. Called a third party, they came out the next day, and I was charged for their diagnosis, Fan motor was rotated wrong way and capacitor was never replaced. Called Bruno's again and told them what third party said. Spoke to 2 people at Bruno's and both pretty much called me a liar. Bruno's sent a different tech out and he agreed with the third party. He then replaced the capacitor and corrected the rotation.

Desired Settlement
Would like to be refunded the money I had to spend to get another tech out here. And an apology for calling me a liar.

Business Response
To whom it may concern, As owner of Bruno's Heating & Cooling I apologize for my staff for not following through to fix the A/C Unit correctly and for not responding in a professional and timely manor. I also apologize for our staff insinuating or making the customer feel that she was lying. To show the customer how sincere I am about this I am happy to refund the total cost of our invoice # 16079 for $377.50 that she paid. Sincerely, **********
Bruno's Heating & Cooling

06/06/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

pre-wire electric and the line set were done by builder 3 years prior.
Their work all passed inspection.
When Bruno's arrived,was around the 3rd appointment as they were a no-show for the first ones.
Tech installed the coil and set the A/C UNIT outside but neglected to put the humidifier in.
Some different techs showed up, installed the Humidifier but did not have all the proper materials with them

They left. I made the decision to not return to work, but to continue working from home

They cranked the saddle valve down so hard it split the rubber barrier.
I heard a hissing noise. I entered the mech room to see water spraying out of the top of the saddle valve
attached to the 1/4 inch copper for the humidifier.
If I would have returned to work that day, it would have been worse and most likely would have run into an insurance claim for flooding, I have expensive jiu jitsu mats on floor of mech room.
Still did not have a working A/C system because there was no electric whip attached to the unit.
Another appointment for techs to come out and install the whip and perform a startup

Bruno's techs eventually showed up after at least one more missed appointment and installed the electrical whip which ties into the house's 240V electric (this requires a permit).
These techs drove away without ringing the door bell to say a word to me about anything and I had to call the office to schedule yet another appointment
to make sure A/C working.
Upon startup, the technician and I found that there was no power to the unit.

I let Bruno's know that I would check the electrical panel and see what the issue was.

Rachel at Bruno's was being rude to me on the phone demanding payment.
I told her I was not going to pay yet as the system hasn't even been completely installed and tested.

She was cursing on the phone and asked the tech to hand me the phone (which he did).
She continued to curse me thinking it was still her field tech listening.
I heard her say a few very bad things about me before I politely told her it was me now, not the tech.
She continued to inform me that I was responsible for the electrical work on the A/C unit.
I argued my point that they were the contractor, not me.
Why would I hire them for an A/C install and have to figure out the electrical myself?
She said they do not do electrical work.
I argued that they must work with an electrician for the electrical work they have to do on most of their jobs?
She confirmed, they work with *************..or something to that effect.
I said, "So are they the ones that installed the whip?" (which requires a permit).
She continued to tell me that I had done that and that Bruno's was not responsible. COMPLETE LIE!
I argued that I watched Bruno's techs come out and put the whip on, so how was I now responsible for the electrical work that they performed?
She was very upset and rude,spoke with the owner. She said they filing a lien against my property.

Reluctantly, against my better judgement, I paid them. Tech assured me that once the power reached the unit that everything would be in working order
based on the fact that the unit comes precharged up to 15-18 feet and the line set was not that long (in his judgement).
He acknowledged that they put the whip in, all I needed to do was check the breaker in the panel.
I got the system running and found that 2 hours later our house temperature rose by 3 degrees.
Obviously, the a/c unit is not working.
To test, we set target to 62 degrees. Was 69 in house on thermostat, outside temperature 66.
Bruno's had inspection on 4/6/2016. Inspector let me know there is no electrical permit.
He failed inspection for obvious reasons.
I informed Bruno's that I had spoke to PPRBD
and was informed that since Bruno's hooked up the whip and attached it to the disconnect Bruno's is responsible for the electrial permit / Bruno's mechanical permit would not be final
until they get permit for the electric whip.
Bruno's stil refuses pull permit

Desired Settlement
Full refund as humidifier inspection failed, A/C inspection failed and Bruno's is in breach of contract by not pulling permit for work they performed. They lied to Regional Building Dept and told them that I had done the electrical.
Bruno's is ignorant of contracting practices, rude, unethical and their work up to this point is sub-par and not functioning as contracted.
They keep saying that I 'touched a breaker' so I own the electrical. So they clearly do not understand that they are dead wrong according to the PPRBD. Plain and simple fact is that Bruno's installed the whip, outside against the house, 100 ft from the breaker box and this requires an electrical permit. They should have engaged a licensed electrician, but they didn't, they installed it themselves and I am not going to be responsible for their work by pulling my own electrical permit. These guys are so beyond unprofessional that it is scary to think of the future customers they're going to screw over.

Business Response
Mr. ***** contacted us to install an AC unit in his home; we drew up a proposal and gave him a list of what it included as well as a price. We never told Mr. ***** that we would be providing an electrical whip or the electrical contractor to do any kind of work for him. We do have an electrical company that we work with on occasions for large commercial projects, but we do not hire them out for work. We also record all of our phone calls; no one at our office cussed at him or was rude. His contract stated he is to pay half prior to work and half after the job was complete. He had refused to pay for anything until we provided the electrical work. We told him that was not part of the proposal nor was it something he paid for. He got very belligerent with the girls in the office demanding we provide it to him as he had been in this business for 20+ years and including electrical work should have been part of our estimate. At one point he told us over the phone that since we were not going to do it, he would have his son-in-law who was an electrician do it for him.

Mr. ***** never notified us of any leaking in his mechanical room, the only issue he ever had was the installation of the electrical whip as he did not want to pay an electrician to come out and do it. We never missed any appointments with Mr. *****, we had always shown up when we were scheduled to go out. There also could not have been a startup prior to an electrical whip being installed as there would have been no power to the unit. At no point did we ever set him up for an appointment to come out and install an electrical whip.

After weeks of harassing phone calls from Mr. ***** demanding we put on an electrical whip, we had one of our commercial installers come out and place one for him, but he was told that he had to pull the electrical permit. After the whip was done Mr. ***** refused to pull the electrical permit after speaking with Pike's Peak as he learned that it would cost him money to do so. We told Mr. ***** that we could not pull the electrical permit and that we also could not close out ours until he did.

Mr. ***** stared sending emails threatening BBB complaints, filing a credit card fraud with his credit card company and other such things, we decided to call an electrical company, explained the situation to them and they went out and took care of it and billed Mr. ***** directly as he never paid our company for electrical work or the whip that was installed. The AC inspection only failed once and that is because he never pulled the electrical permit that we told him he had to pull. The fact that Mr. ***** has not rescinded this complaint as everything he has harassed our company to do have been done should speak volumes to his credibility with his constant changing stories. This work has been done; his unit is operational as we told him it would be once the electrical work was completed.

Bruno's Mechanical Inc.

09/25/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

In January of 2015 we finally decided to use our humidifier and realized it would not shut off. You either have to run it all the time or not at all. And they needed to come back to clean iur ducts. We called around February and they had someone come out to fix it. When he was there he said that they never hooked up the one piece needed for it to have run on a setting. He did not have that part on him and said he will have to come by in a couple of days with it and would call when he's ready. We never got a call, so after about a month I called explained everything and they told me they are sorry and will figure it out and call me back. And never call back. I have called multiple times throughout the months expressing my frustration and get the same thing over and over.with no call back. We are now in JULY!!!!!! I have had it and just want my humidifier to work properly and my ducts clean.

Desired Settlement
I would like my humidifier to work properly. If they can not handle it. I would like a refund and will go elsewhere.

Business Response
This has been resolved. Please contact*****************

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