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U-Save Car & Truck Rental - Drennan

Phone: (719) 473-6825

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Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
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Delivery Issues0
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11/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I rented a car using my debit card. The rental company charged my debit card for the rental along with a deposit on September 19th. I returned the car on September 21st in its original condition. I have called the Drennan Rd office multiple times and each time I was told they would return my call. I contacted the corporate office and they transferred me right back to the original place I rented the car from. As of October 12th I have not received a call back and my debit card has not been credited the deposit on the car rental.

Desired Settlement
I want my full deposit back and a letter of apology for the inconvenience.

Business Response
After looking into this situation we have found out the following information:
9/19/2013- Mr. ******** picked up the rental car from our Drennan Road location. He was charged $316.69 and there was an additional authorization taken as a "deposit" in the amount of $48.00.
9/21/2013- Mr. ******** then returned the vehicle and had a remaining balance due of $12.72. We then charged this outstanding balance using the previous authorization of $48.00, thereby releasing the balance of 35.28 to his credit card.
Mr. ********'s grand total for the duration of the rental was $329.41. The "deposit" going back to Mr. ********'s card would be $35.28. This amount is then released back to the customer's available balance. There are no posted credits or refunds because the initial hold was simply freezing those funds. There were two charges for Mr. ********: an initial charge at the time of rental and the small balance due when he returned. The amount due on return ($12.72) was due to Mr. ******** keeping the vehicle 6 minutes past 3 o'clock. While our computers are unyielding in their charge calculations, our employees should know better than to charge for such a small amount of time.
Mr. ******** called the office on Saturday 10/12/2013 at 10:35am and left a voicemail stating he would like a call back in regards this situation and contacting the BBB. We received this voicemail on Sunday, 10/13/2013 at 11:00am. We immediately called and left him a message asking him to contact us so that we could address his situation. On Monday 10/14/2013 we received an email from U-Save Corporate in regards to Mr. ********'s concerns. We then attempted to contact Mr. ******** by phone and left another voicemail. We have not heard back since.
After investigating the situation and finding out that Mr. ******** was only 6 minutes late, we are completely willing to refund $12.72 back to his card. We should have caught this error upon his return. We are not currently holding any funds on Mr. ********'s card. When we used the authorization for the final payment, the balance of $35.28 would release directly to his card.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we have caused Mr. ********. Please forward our apologies (attached) to him.

General Manager USCATR

08/05/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I have rented from usave 4 years ago and had no problems with the business nor employees. I rented a kia rio color blue on the 12th for 3 days til Sunday of july 2013. They hold 350 til the return of the car. I was charged 67 bucks for a extra day and 250 which was dropped to 200 for a smoking fee. I asked to stop bye so I can witness the smmoke smell and ashes but was unable to stop by due to excuses the employee gave me. I was charged the fee of 200 bucks which was unauthorized. My account is now in negative and usave is giving me a hard time. I believe they practise these methods in order to keep money they make up what's wrong withthe rental. No detailer I know charges 250 to 350 to clean a car. I want all my money back or to be compensated more than what they have not done. If I was in the wrong I would have no problem payin the fee. I am not in the wrong and I am being accused and charged.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund or I want them to take tht 350 plus 200 and give me another rental for this hardship and ditress I'm going through.

Business' Initial Response
After researching this situation at great length I can finally put a timeline in place:
7/10/13 - Ms. ****** rented a vehicle from our office at *************** and was explained our policy on smoking in the vehicle. Initials on rental agreement have been verified.
7/13/13 - Ms. ****** returned rental vehicle to the ******* office after hours. Since her drop was after hours, we were unable to check in the vehicle until we returned to the office on Sunday morning. The contract Ms. ****** signed states that she is responsible for the vehicle until we have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle.
7/14/13 - Upon inspecting the vehicle on Sunday morning, one of the employees noticed a strong smell of smoke and evidence (ashes) inside the vehicle indicating that the vehicle had been smoked in. Additionally, the customer had put an air freshener in the vehicle in, what is very traditionally, a poor attempt to cover up the smell of smoke. Ms. ****** called the location during business hours on Sunday and asked for her total. The employee working was unable to go over the charges due to her customer load in the office at that time and stated that we would contact her back on Monday 7/15/13.
7/15/13 - Ms. ****** contacted the location and was given the total charges and informed us that she had smoked "near" the vehicle, but not in the vehicle. As is mentioned in the contract, Ms. ****** is responsible for any smoking in a proximity which will create the smell of smoke within the vehicle. Two employees, one being a manager, re-inspected the vehicle (as is our new policy since the last complaint related to smoking charges) on Monday to verify the smell of smoke and evidence of ashes in the vehicle and both verified the previous employee's findings. Because of these findings Ms. ****** was informed that she was responsible for the $250.00 smoking fee.
Also of note: Ms. ******'s credit card declined for the total charges of the rental and the smoking fee. In an effort to help quell the situation, our manager reduced the smoking fee by the amount which we could not get to clear Ms. ******'s card ($46.57), thereby reducing the smoking charge to $204.23.
7/16/13 - Ms. ****** was contacted and informed again of the policies and procedures that we employ with all smoking in vehicles and informed of the $46.57 discount applied to her smoking charge. Obviously, Ms. ****** was still displeased.
7/17/13 - Ms. ****** called back and spoke to another employee to voice her displeasure regarding the "unfair" charges. Our employee informed Ms. ****** that he would get with management and see if there was anything else that could be done.
7/18/13 - Management contacted Ms. ****** and informed her that, although it was well outside of our standard operating procedures when we encounter such a cut and dry case of obvious smoking in a vehicle, we would refund the entire $250 smoking charge (which was actually $204.23 in smoking fee and another $46.57 of rental charge discount) back to her. I spoke with my location manager and she indicated that Ms. ****** was satisfied at the time with this solution and said "I appreciate you taking care of this for me". Ms. ****** has subsequently made two reservations (one of which has already occurred) and submitted a loan application for a vehicle in our lease program.
Our attempts to quell Ms. ******'s feelings related to her "unfair" treatment have included:
- Refund of 123% of a legitimate smoking charge charged only after verification by three separate employees including management.
- Refund of $46.57 (roughly a 25% discount off of her rental which was ALREADY discounted by 10%).
- Future rental discount of 10%.
Regardless of Ms. ******'s intentions to go to News 7 or her attorney, we have nothing left to offer. She has already capitalized on this situation as much as she possibly could have. After the cost of refunding nearly every dollar collected from Ms. ******, detailing and "smoke bombing" the vehicle, we lost $59.85 on this rental and now have yet another vehicle which will always slightly smell of smoke.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response because once again to please the publics eye usave is making accusaions to cover there tail. Specifically ***** and ****** an employee and a manager. My husband has reactions to smoke and air freshners so that is self explainatory. "Unfair"? Yes unprofessessional when it comes to a repeated customer whom is unhappy? Yes. I took my concerns to a higher authority? Yes. It seems although "used airfresheners and dropped ashes intentionally" in the car. The second rental was a test and the way I left out in it is the way it returned. On top of all this disgust the rental is not left with a smoke smell because manager **** **** that the car was cleaned and back to a position where it was back on the road for rental. Its not professional to converse the customers business amongst other employees. Whenever I called I. Spoke with one of two managers... ****** or ****. The employee I spoke to was the accuser. Once again the customer should have been called to witness the strong smoke smell and evidence (ashes). Just like the managers "where called upon business hours to testify." Case closed

04/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On Sunday at 1:20 PM I returned a KIA Model Forte EX back to the rental company (U-Save rental RA#*****). The company representative, whos name is ***** took the keys from me and said she would have to look at the car to check for the fuel level and a look over of the vehicle. She looked it over and came back a few moments later. She said that everything was fine except that she found evidence of ashes. She pointed out to me on the contract that it was to be a non-smoking vehicle. I agree it does say this and I did initial the contract. The rep. ***** said that she saw ashes on the floor. She said that she could fine me a charge of $250 but would give me a break and only charge me $100. I shook my head at that point. I had forgotten that it was a non-smoking car. My wife and I do not smoke. My daughter does smoke and had been in the car several times. So I just shook my head and thought that possibly my daughter had smoked in the car and the fine was appropriate. I pay the invoice including the $100 fine and leave the establishment to my truck. My daughter was waiting for me there and I explained to her my disappointment with her smoking in the car without my knowledge. My daughter *** immediately denied that accusation. She said that she knew it was a non-smoking car with no ash tray or cigarette lighter installed. She said that if she wanted to smoke that it was done outside of the vehicle. I thought about this for a moment and it made since to me, because I saw no ashes and there never was a smokey smell in the interior of the car. I immediately went back to talk the the rep. ***** and told her that my daughter only smoked outside of the car. She said that she saw ashes on the floor. I said that she must be mistaken. She was still adament that she saw ashes on the floor. I had my daughter come over and my daughter denied ever smoking in the car. I told the rep. ***** that I wanted to see the ashes and she agreed to open the car for me to show me the ashes with my daughter looking over my shoulder. The rep. ***** opened the doors and moved the front seats as far forward as they will go to expose the carpet under the seats. She said that people don't vacuum that there. While examing the carpet I found a small rock and other tiny objects that hadn't been vacuumed up but ABSOLUTELY not ashes or any evidence of smoking in the car.I rubbed the carpet with my hand to see if there was any material that would smear, like ashes. There was NOTHING! My daughter agreed with me that there were no ashes.The rep. ***** still insisted that she sees ashes on the carpet.It was one of the situations one might get into that you say black and the other person says white, even thought everyone else sees black. This is when I started getting irritated. I told her that she was wrong and she said that she was right. I wanted my $100 fine fee returned but she would not do that. The conversation got heated and she walked away from me and went to her office, leaving me frustrated. I am swaring to you on a bible that there was no ash in that car. I feel like I was scammed and want my $100 fine reimbursed. What recourse do I have. It seems like it is her word against mine and that it is a great scam.

Desired Settlement
Only that they refund my $100 fine charge and stop these type of procedures to others in the future.

Business' Initial Response
I was informed of this situation on Monday following the rental return. ***** informed me that she had a customer who had disagreed with her regarding the smell of smoke in one of the vehicles (#3108). She stated that she could "smell smoke" when she entered the vehicle. She then looked next to and under the driver seat and found cigarette ashes. The customer admitted that they had vacuumed the vehicle before returning. Now, I'm not pointing the finger at Mr. ********; however, this practice is very common when customers are attempting to cover up smoking in a vehicle. Mr. ******** initially denied that anyone had smoked in the vehicle but agreed to pay the reduced rate as mentioned in his complaint. After parking the vehicle ***** was approached by Mr. ******** who asked to see the ashes. Upon being shown the ashes (which ***** picked up off the floor and rubbed between her fingers to show that they were actually ashes), Mr. ******** became more agitated and continued to claim that it was simply "dirt", that he was unaware that the vehicle was a non-smoking vehicle and that his daughter was never unattended in the vehicle; thereby making it impossible for her to have smoked in the vehicle. ***** countered with the fact that the vehicle smelled of smoke and that the ashes were, in fact, ashes. Mr. ******** then became more agitated and told ***** she could "go **** yourself (herself)" and walked away from the conversation, to his vehicle and left (all of which is verifiable on our video surveillance cameras at the lot). ***** then re-parked the vehicle and went back into the office.

The inconsistencies in Mr. ********'s story indicate to me that the vehicle was probably smoked in and that, most likely, everyone was aware of this fact. That being said, smoking charges are always problematic as the smokers feel as if they're being persecuted and the non-smokers, or in our case, the business attempting to protect itself from future lost revenue due to dissatisfied customers complaining of cigarette smoke, are always left complaining about "invisible" evidence. Regardless, our time is better spent trying to maintain our business during today's difficult economic climate. I'll translate that as: we have better things to do than fight with a customer over a $100 smoking charge.

A note to Mr. ******** regarding the "scam" we are currently running: our cost to have the vehicle "bombed" (chemically cleaned in an attempt to quell the smell of smoke for the future, non-smoking renter) is between $100 and $250 depending on the veracity of the smell/cleaning required. We regularly lose money and collect far less cleaning charges than we incur, not including the fact that, forever, that vehicle will smell like smoke to most non-smoking customers. We run a reputable business with an unblemished history with the BBB. Our goal is to serve you to the best of our ability in an effort to create positive cash flow for our business, employees and families. We'll refund your $100 plus an additional $50 for your perceived "hardships" while dealing with this problem. But keep this in mind next time you choose to handle an adult situation in a less than adult manner.
Refunded customer $150.00 on 3/22/2013 at 2:30PM - Auth #******

**** *** - LLC Manager Springs Rent a Car LLC - DBA U-Save Car and Truck Rental (719) 634-1914

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I can see where this is going? It is her work against mine. Her supervisor is going to believe her over me and my daughter. As far as vacuuming the car out before returning it was a courtesy to the rental company. It is the way that I was raised, you return something borrowed the way you got it. As far as there being smoke smell in the car is totally not true. The cars interior smelled fresh. No one had smoked in the car and there were no ashed in the car. I did have a heated argument with her when we were looking at the same piece of carpet where there were no ashes and she said there was. I told her this is a bunch of ******* and never said to her what she said I said. She is way wrong and I believe trying to get the pressure off of her by saying these things. I don't know any other reason why she would be saying these things, because they are not true and didn't go that way. I find it appauling to see that a business can get away with these practices. I'm definitely sticking to my guns on this one because I am telling the truth and it is wrong what they are doing. There is no coverup hear and the manager is so wrong with their accessment of the situation and how it went down. ***** needs to come clean.

Business' Final Response
Received copy of customer response on 4/9/13. Ashes were verified by one employee and one manager. Smoke smell verified by two employees and one manager. The customer's assertions that the employee (*****) is concocting this story for her own well-being are unfounded. Customer was refunded entire amount for smoking charge ($100.00) plus an additional $50.00 for the trouble. The only "solution" presented by the customer is that the employee needs to "come clean". While I can provide monetary remuneration, I cannot ask an employee to change the facts in order to satiate an unhappy customer. However, in an effort to prevent this situation from occurring in the future, we now require two separate employee verifications of any and all vehicle condition and damage concerns/findings before any charges are made to the customer's rental agreement.

**** ***
Manager SRAC LLC/U-Save CATR
(719) or (800) 634-1914

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