From FOX4 and KSET: Automobile Repairs – Help or Horror??

August 25, 2010

We all have heard the horror stories! We’ve all experienced the traumatic challenge that comes with automobile repairs. Who should we call? Can they be trusted? Will they do what they say needs to be done? What surprises can we expect? The BBB of Southeast Texas has some tips.

1. What are a few guidelines when selecting an auto repair shop?

Do it ahead of time (before the need even arises). Call the BBB for business reliability reports. Ask auto parts stores for their good customers, and ask friends and neighbors what shop they use.

2. What should you do before you agree to have the mechanic do the work?

Visit the shop and look around. What certifications does the shop have? (i.e. BBB, ASE) What type of warranty do they offer? How long have they been in business? Then, provide the symptoms of the problem and request a written estimate for repairs. Ask if the shop is certain that the suggested repairs will fix the problem.

3. What other suggestions would you make?

Leave your phone number on the work order, and indicate in writing that no additional work is to be done without calling you first for approval. After the work is done, drive the car before payment is made. Use a credit card if possible, which gives 30 days to dispute services if necessary with credit card company. Ask to see, or have, old parts to compare with new ones. And remember to contact the Better Business Bureau at (409) 835-5348 (800) 685-7650