BBB Revokes Accreditation of Appliance Business

January 30, 2014

The Better Business Bureau in Southeast Texas has revoked the BBB Accreditation of an appliance repair business in Lumberton, Texas.  The BBB Board of Directorshas approved the revocation. 


          The BBB Accreditation of Buckley Appliance was revoked due to failure to comply with BBB Code of Business Practices Standards for Accreditation #6A.         


          Standard #6 states BBB Accredited Businesses will be responsive in addressing marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.  The Code of Business Practices Standard 6A continues, requiring Accredited Businesses to promptly respond to all complaints forwarded by the BBB by:   


           1.  Resolving the complaint directly with the complainant and           notifying the BBB, or

 2.  Providing the BBB with a response that the BBB        


  is professional; addresses all of the issues raised  

  by the complainant; includes appropriate evidence and   

 documents supporting the business’ position, and; explains why any relief sought by the complainant cannot or should not be granted.


          The revocation of Buckley Appliance involved two unanswered complaints regarding repair issues.  In a complaint filed September 26, 2013, the consumer stated that Mr. Buckley came out and repaired his refrigerator. He paid for the repair and later that afternoon, discovered the motor in the icemaker was no longer working. He called and provided Buckley with the model number assuming that the part would be ordered and Buckley would come back to install.  Instead, three days later Buckley came out and charged him for a service call. Several days later, the consumer called and was told the part had to be ordered. Approximately a month later, the consumer called and was told the order had been lost and would be replaced. Since that time, the consumer states that Buckley has not answered or returned his calls. 


In the most recent complaint filed November 20, 2013, the consumer alleged that Buckley replaced a Subzero refrigerator compressor three times in two months with an off brand that would notlast.  The consumer further stated that he spent over $1800.00 and was seeking a refund from Buckley as he had to get another business to correctly make the repair.


Despite numerous attempts by phone, email, regular mail and certified mail, the business has not responded to the BBB regarding either of these complaints.


         Businesses who apply for BBB Accreditation must meet the eight standards in the BBB Code of Business Practices, and they must maintain those standards to continue their BBB Accreditation.


         BBB Business Reviews and Ratings are available by phone and online 24 hours a day.  Check out a company or charity in Southeast Texas, the United States, Canada or the Caribbean Islands BEFORE you buy or give at and or you may call (409) 835-5348 or 855-BBB-SETX.