Stay Away From this "Yard Sale"

May 15, 2014

One Online Site You Want to Avoid When Purchasing

Lubbock, TX: Better Business Bureau® serving the South Plains of West Texas is warning about Easy Yard Sale, an online company with alleged false credentials.

The company serves as an intermediary between consumers and the seller. The consumer is lured by the reasonable prices online, then shortly asked to register with the business and wire money to the United Kingdom for items their business claims to have in possession there. As a middle man company, money is taken from the consumer first before the product is delivered.

The seller says you need to wire the purchase price to Easy Yard Sale, and they will handle the rest. After you pay up, Easy Yard Sale and the seller both stop responding. The consumer will never receive the item and tracking down your money will be extremely difficult.

Easy Yard Sale created a false BBB Business Review and Rating, claiming to be accredited. BBB believes images and customer reviews used on the company’s website have been altered. One customer review claimed, “Their simple but effective methods caught my attention in the first place and I was amazed on how quick the transaction went. They most definitely are NOT a scam.”

How to Spot a Fake Company:

  •  Read reviews and contact the company. Find out about the experience of other customers and assess the level of service provided.
  •  Check the address with Google and the Postal Service: Do a simple google map search and contact postal authorities to identify the physical location.
  • Before providing any information find out about the method of payment. Do not use wire transfers or money cards. If your purchase falls through, it is unlikely you can recover funds.
  • Watch Out for unrealistic offers. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Unrealistic offers are used to motivate purchasers to make hasty decisions.
  • Verify VIN Numbers if purchasing an auto or trailer. Services are available which can provide the history of a vehicle or trailer for salvage, theft, and for identification purposes.

To find a company that has made the commitment to BBB Standards of Trust, go to BBB’s web site at 
Click on “Find an Accredited Business”.

About BBB:
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