Fraudulent Kroger E-Gift Card

April 10, 2014

Alert Number: 239597
Date Published: 04/10/2014
Subject: Fraudulent Kroger E-Gift Cards
Distribution: Countries: United States and Canada


BBB has been notified of a scam involving Kroger E-Gift Cards being fraudulently sold on the internet. Reports have been received from Kroger Co.stores of customers attempting to negotiate “Kroger E-Gift Cards.” The Kroger E-Gift Cards are fraudulent and are not issued by the legitimate Kroger Co. Currently The Kroger Co. does not issue or sell E-Gift Cards. Pictured below is an example of a fraudulent Kroger E-Gift Card. The fraudulent Kroger E-Gift cards are being sold via a website The host of the website is obtaining personal and financial information from victims who purchase the E-Gift Cards from the website.


Kroger E-gift Card

If you have recieved an email notification regarding a "Kroger E-GiftCard," disregard the email and do not click on any of the links contained in the email.