Storm Chasers hit City of Lubbock

April 22, 2009

Lubbock, TX, April 22, 2009 – BBB is warning the South Plains to beware of itinerant roofing companies and other repair companies that have come into our area since we have had some hail and rain storms of late.

Lubbock City Ordinance requires any company coming into the city limits doing work door to door must have a peddler’s permit to work. The City Codes Administration department handles those permits and the Lubbock Police Department enforces it. If you do not live in the City limits, call your sheriff’s department or the Texas Department of Public Safety.

BBB would like to remind consumers of these tips:

  1. Check the company out with BBB first. Visit BBB web site at and click on the orange button to Find a BBB Accredited Business. The category of “Roofers” happens to be a popular search, so click on the link below the search boxes. Accredited Businesses have pledged to do business ethically and honestly. Feel free to print off the list so that you can shop around.
  2. Get at least 3 estimates/bids before making a decision.
  3. Before calling anyone, make a list of what you need done so that you are comparing the same work to be done with all three companies.
  4. Do not pay up front! Most legitimate roofing companies will give free estimates and do not expect payment until the work is completed.
  5. Do not pay in cash.
  6. If someone knocks on your door and says it looks like you have received damage, be cautious – the itinerant is most likely from out of town. In order to check them out, BBB needs a company name, address and phone number besides the person’s name. If they have received proper permit from the City, they should be wearing a badge with picture and City of Lubbock logo. Call the police.
  7. If possible, take your time to make your decision.

“Some storm chasers go door to door to drum up business. Remember that you have the right to check them out and if they don’t want to wait, tell them you are not interested,” stated Nan Campbell, president of BBB of the South Plains. “There are many legitimate roofing companies right here in our area that have been checked out and accredited by BBB. I encourage consumers to do business right here at home,” she said.