New Tow Rules May Save You From Getting Hooked

August 20, 2013


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New Tow Rules May Save You From Getting Hooked

8/28/13                The Better Business Bureau of the South Plains is working with both towing companies and local drivers to make sure everyone knows the new rules of the road in time for the new Texas Tech school year and another winning season of Red Raider football.


Chris Bell is the new investigator with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation in the area, and he handles issues regarding towing companies.  The position is new; before its creation, inquiries and complaints were handled out of Austin.  New legislation will affect anyone in a potential towing situation. 


BBB’s investigator found, during a discussion with Mr. Bell, that there are three main components to the new rule changes.


1)          If the vehicle is not completely hooked up and road worthy when the owner appears and requests the vehicle be dropped, the towing agent must drop the vehicle.

2)          If the vehicle is completely hooked up and ready to be towed, the owner can request the vehicle be released at the scene and pay a “drop fee.” The towing company must offer several methods of payment to accommodate the request.

3)          Each towing company must exhibit the new towing rules prominently within their establishment, outlining the current options allotted by current law.


“It’s no secret that Texas Tech game days and the back-to-school rush are busy for towing companies,” says Greg Linder, President of the Better Business Bureau serving the South Plains.  “People are excited about the games and want to get into the stadium. Also, new and returning students don’t always park where they are allowed. Towing companies aren’t shy about hooking up vehicles and getting them out of the way of traffic or out of illegal areas.  The new rule gives people a chance to not have to pay the full amount for a tow if they happen to be lucky enough to return to their vehicles before the tow truck operator has the chance to drive away.”


The change of the rules is fairer to students and football fans.  “Nobody likes to have to pay a towing fee,” Linder goes on, “but the fact is that illegally parked vehicles are an inconvenience to other drivers at best and can become a dangerous obstacle or obstruction at worst. On one hand, we hear stories from businesses around the school that their driveways are blocked or their parking lots are too full for their customers to fit in because someone in a rush couldn’t find an appropriate space.  On the other we’ve heard from drivers that the minute the tow truck showed up – even if there was only one chain placed on the car – they’ve had to sit by and watch as their vehicle was towed away and pay the full fees to get it back.  It didn’t matter why they were parked illegally or for how long.  None of that mattered until now.  If the tow truck showed up, you were going to pay.  Now,you have a chance to minimize the damage to your bank account.”