Massage Therapist Makes Good on Complaints

August 08, 2013



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Massage Therapist MakesGood on Complaints


8/8/13  The Better Business Bureau of the South Plains is happy to report that the ownership of Serenity Day Spa (and its former incarnation, Serenity Massage and Therapeutic Center) has responded to complaints filed in recent months by dissatisfied clients after the BBB’s intervention.


Complainants had stated that they had purchased discount coupons through an online venue for massages and other services.  When the customers arrived to take advantage of the pre-purchased services, many stated that the shop was locked at the time of the appointment or that a masseuse was unavailable.  Some made multiple trips to the spa, but remained dissatisfied with the services at the time they contacted the Better Business Bureau for help.  In a couple of cases, refunds were promised, but the clients claimed that they had not received them in what they considered a timely fashion before reporting the issue to the BBB’s website.


After contact from the BBB and discussions with Bureau management and dispute resolution specialists, company owner Melissa Pena has admitted to a number of missed appointments and issues.  Ms. Pena has stated that an employee of another business in the same block had a habit of locking the access doors at inappropriate times and without her knowledge, compounding the problem.  She says she is relocating the business and is working to repair its reputation, and has addressed the outstanding complaints on file with the Bureau.  The BBB currently is working to confirm the satisfaction of the complainants.


“We’re pleased to see that Ms. Pena has been able to work things out with her customers,” says BBB CEO Greg Linder.  “In this case,consumers were simply trying to receive a service for the money they had paid and,failing that, a refund for what they’d spent.  We’re happy we could facilitate a meeting of the minds, and wish Ms. Pena luck with the business in the future.”