Joining YouthEarning.Com Doesn't Pay

August 08, 2013



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Joining “YouthEarning.Com” Doesn’t Pay


8/8/13  The Better Business Bureau of the South Plains is joining the rest of the BBB System in warning computer users –especially younger ones – away from YouthEarning.Com, a site that will supposedly pay Facebook friends and other social media users for posting its link on sites or pages.


“There’s no evidence that the company’s claims are legitimate – or even that the payments could be tracked and appropriately awarded – and a lot of red flags that have investigators all over the country concerned,” says Greg Linder, Lubbock BBB President.  “Maybe it’s telling that in our Tweet-based culture, younger viewers haven’t noticed the multitude of misspellings and shorthand on the site, the abbreviated English and other problems, like misusing dollar signs and failing to properly state conversions of U S funds.”


The poor English could indicate something more than the shorthand of text-message cued communications.  “As best we can tell,YouthEarning.Com is based in Panama,” Linder continues, “but any attempts totrack the real ownership of the site or its location have been blocked. The YouthEarning site itself has no contact information other than a general e-mail address, and inquiries have gone without a timely response.  The site owner could be on the moon with Steve for all anyone can tell from the outside.”


So what’s the harm in posting a link on a Facebook page or Tweeting it to friends?  “Right now, computer experts are analyzing the site and its links,” Linder explains, “but no one knows for now what virus,malware or other  malicious programming may hide behind the links. Since a lot of children or teenagers may be borrowing a family computer or laptop to browse the Internet, and may join the site through those shared computers, the potential for damage, ID theft, and other trouble is huge. We don’t know yet whether or not the site or links may damage smart phones or other devices popular today that could be used to work the site.”


Better Business Bureaus and other agencies are investigating the site, its offer and the links associated with it. “Until we can learn more about the site and the offers posted on it,” Linder says, “stay away, and encourage younger computer users to do the same.”