Local Handyman Allegedly with Roofing Co.

July 01, 2010

AA-Roofing Yard Sign
Lubbock, TX: BBB serving the South Plains of West Texas is advising area residents that AA-Roofing has earned an “F” rating due to being untruthful in their advertising practices and having at least one customer complaint which remains unanswered and one complaint that is unresolved. BBB ratings reflect BBB's opinion about the business based on information in BBB files and BBB experience.

BBB has been informed by former victims of Tommy Newton, Lubbock Creative Concepts, that he has been seen and affiliated with AA-Roofing. Newton was the subject of a BBB investigation and subsequent news release in May 2009 due to his victimizing of a senior citizen of Lubbock. He allegedly put in new plumbing for her at a cost of $3450; however, when BBB investigated, we found that he had placed new pipe under about 6 inches of soil, didn’t connect it to anything, and called her plumbing problem “fixed”. He was arrested, indicted for theft of an elderly person, was convicted and had to pay full restitution to his victim.

AA-Roofing also has a history of advertising affiliation with and being a “BBB Member” on their yard signs. Although BBB hasn’t confirmed, allegedly they are advertising membership on their pickup Tommy Newton has been seen driving. Fact is, they are not nor ever have been accredited with this BBB.

BBB encourages consumers to check the reputation of companies BEFORE they do business by calling BBB or by visiting BBB’s website.

To find a company that has made the commitment to BBB Standards of Trust, go to BBB’s web site (bbb.org) and click on “Find an Accredited Business”.