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Advertising / Sales Issues2
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
07/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My car has been at the dealership for one week. No repairs have been done. No loaner car offered. No updates, unless I call. Parts still not arrived.
I dropped off my 2008 Saturn Astra at the Scoggin Dickey dealership at about 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, June 18. The car had the check-engine light on, and the locks were not working. I was greeted politely by **** and sent home on the dealership's shuttle. I was under the impression that I would receive a call within a couple of hours. It seemed like a same-day repair. I even left my son's car seat there. When

I did not get a call by the end of the day on June 18, I called and was transferred many times until I finally managed to get a hold of *****, who was the repair person assigned t my car. He informed me that my car is "weird" and not a "real" Saturn, so they cannot fugure why the check engine light is on or why the locks are not working. Because the car is based on an Opel Astra (a European model), it almost sounded like it was my own fault for buying this car and now they had to go through all this trouble to figure out things they had never seen before. ***** assured me I would get a call the next day.

There was no call on Friday, so I called about 5:30, got transferred a lot, and finally received a call back from *****. He informed me that an oxygen sensor had to be replaced, and parts had to be ordered for the locks, which were going to arrive in several days because my car is so "strange," as he put it. I couldn't believe it that I would be without a car over the weekend, and I was learning this on Friday evening with NO WARNING! The repairs for oxygen sensor and locks were going to cost $1,600 althogether. If I auhotrized, they were going to order the parts. I felt that I had no choice and authorized. I barely managed to pick up my son's car seat that night before they closed.

I was hoping for a call on Monday, but it never came. Again, I called at the end of the day and was endlessly transferred around. I learned that the parts had been ordered.

No call on Tuesday, June 23. I called at the end of the day. ***** called back very annoyed. Didn't I understand that the parts were going to arrive in several days? They had the oxygen sensor, he said, but they couldn't give me the car back because the rear hatch had been taken apart.

I called today, Wednesday, June 24. Was transferred around and stayed on hold for nearly half an hour. Finally, exhausted, I hung up. ***** called back at 6:15 p.m., 15 minutes before closing time, to inform me that he had good news. Both the oxygen sensor and the locks were MAYBE going to arrive on Friday, June 26. Why couldn't I have the car back? That was always an option, he said. I just failed to ask for this. But wasn't the rear hatch taken apart? Yes, it was, he admitted. How could a simple part like an oxygen sensor that is small and does not weigh that much take NINE days to arrive, I asked. Well, it's because I did not authorize the purchase until Friday night, so they ordered it on Monday, he said. But how could I authorize anything if I never got a call? And can't they overnight it? It is very expensive, he said. Insanely expensive to ship a part like this based on the dimensions. It was coming on a truck from Michigan, and the earliest it wad going to arrive was on Friday!

I have worked as a journalist for many years and I teach journalism. When the story changes like that and someone clearly says things that make no sense, I know I am being duped. I am appalled that someone would lie to my face for a week, and tell me to just rent a car and get over it.

I just moved here to take a professorship position at Texas Tech. Isn't it bad business for this dealership to treat me this way, considering that I am a respected member of the community? Is there a racist or xenophobic reason to be SO arrogant in speaking to a middle-aged female with a foreign accent? It is difficult to understand the motive.

One thing is certain I will spread the Word around my colleagues about how I was treated at Scoggin Dickey, and I will NEVER buy anything from them.

Desired Settlement
I am planning to pick up my car tomorrow morning, June 25, regardless of the lack of repairs, and take it elsewehere.

I would like a payment in the amount of $150 from the dealership for it would have cost to rent a car during this period of time when they held my car without making any repairs.

I would like a formal letter of apology from the dealership. And regarding the media question below -- as I mentioned, I am a journalist and a journalism professor, so I have no problem writing a letter to the editors of local media and posting information about this horrible treatment to social media.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: *** ************** Mgr
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *******
I have read the above case and regret that Ms. ********** had this bad experience at our Dealership. We strive to take good care of our customers, but I feel we did not in the case of Ms. **********. I agree to her resolution request and have sent her a "Formal letter of apology" and have paid her the $150.00 by check #XXXXX from Scoggin Dickey. She has picked up her vehicle as of June 25th, and it was given back to her at no charge. The diagnostic charges have been waived and she was not charged for the parts that were ordered. I would hope if she needs parts or repairs in the future she would allow us to be of assistance. I will mail copies of the Letter and Check to BBB for their file.

11/20/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Truck repair was classified by dealer as service. It should have been repair under warranty. Truck broke when I took it not broke when I picked up.
Monday morning June 2, 2014 I took my truck Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet to get them to clear poor quality DEF light on the DIC. I left the truck for several hours and when I came to pick it up, they informed me I owed them $274.68, that the issue was maintenance not a repair. I disagreed as the truck only had 24,807 miles on it and was less than 3 years old, but in order to continue my trip I paid the bill and left NOT A HAPPY CAMPER or Satisfied Chevrolet customer. The service advisor told me they had done a burn out of the particulate filter. What I noticed was they had driven the truck************************************************
I have had the same issue with my truck with 3 other dealers and all repaired under warranty.

My truck is a 2011 Silverado 2500 Diesel VIN:**********XXXXXX. 6.6 L diesel engine

I purchased the truck 9/22/11.

The milage on the truck when I took it to Scoggin Dickey was 24,807 miles and 24,861 when I got it back.

The invoice number was XXXXXX
The service advisor was ********* ******

Desired Settlement
I want to be repaid the money I paid them.

Business Response
*** ******* Scoggin-Dickey Service Manager has agreed to reimburse *** ******* $274.68 and a check will be mail today.

See attached letter:


*** ******
******* *******
Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet

Hi *** *******,

I have been looking into the situation with your Silverado DuraMax. The work that was done here at our Dealership was done per GM warranty guide lines using the GM Service Manual to address the P207f code that was set in the ECM (computer) on your truck at the time you came in.

The code P207f by definition is "incorrect reductant composition" or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Below is a copy and paste from the GM service manual.
The ECM has determined the incorrect reductant composition."
The service manual has us force the system to do a quality test on the DEF when this code is set, done as per the following from the GM service manual.
A Reductant Fluid Quality Test is required when an incorrect reductant composition is monitored or the NOx catalyst efficiency reaches a minimum threshold and a DEF quality warning is displayed on the driver information center. When a DEF quality test is commanded, the engine control module (ECM) controls the following:
1. The exhaust system is warmed up for about 8minutes. Engine speed is slowly increased to 1,900RPM.
2. Once the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) reaches a calibrated temperature, the ECM maintains engine speed at 1,900RPM for up to 70minutes until quality test is complete, is cancelled by the technician, or is aborted due to abnormal conditions.
3. The ECM then slowly decreases engine speed to the normal idle speed.
As you can see, this take almost 2 hours to complete just the quality test plus the other information we have to gather during the test. This also includes having to test your fuel quality and even then if the vehicle has anything other than low sulfur fuel, which we cannot test for here, can also cause this problem. Even a leak in the DEF tank can set this code, which we did test for but no leaks were found. See cut and paste from service manual.

Diagnostic Aids
Using fuel other than ultra low sulfur content fuel will cause this DTC to set.
A leak in the reductant system can be located by inspecting for a build-up of crystallized diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).
After doing the forced DEF test and fuel quality test and a 70 minute drive, your truck passed *** DEF quality test. Thus, passing *** DEF test we preformed, this will leave the conclusion that it was an "incorrect reductant composition" (or bad DEF fluid) causing the code to set and put you into reduced power, which is not covered by GM warranty. That is why you were charged for the work we did.
Being you were here from out of town we were not able to drive the truck for the long period of time that would allow us to see if the codes would reset, (which can take a few hundred miles of driving to get them to reset.)

Now, after seeing the invoices from the times you have been to other Dealers to get this same problem worked on, I have to agree with you that there was a deeper problem that did not show up while we worked on your truck. (Again, needing more miles driven to reset the code)

Scoggin Dickey 6/2/14 with XXXXX miles
***** ****** 6/30/14 with XXXXX miles
*********** 9/15/14 with XXXXX miles
****** 9/24/14 with XXXXX miles

I have spoken with my GM representative about your truck and he is trying to get me assistance to get the work we did covered under warranty.

So, for now, I am going to reimburse you for the work you paid us to do here at Scoggin Dickey in the amount of $274.68 on invoice XXXXXX and I will attempt to get my money back from GM. Seeing the full picture from the other invoices, I feel this is the right direction to go.

Thank you for your understanding,

*** ******

06/20/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

The representative of this business lied about the price of an item, and my credit card was charged without my authorization, or knowledge of.
Around June 4th I called to purchase a part over the phone from Scoggin Dickey. I gave them the exact GM part number, and authorized them to charge my debit card in the amount of $15.31. I received the wrong item on Friday June 6th even though I gave a specific part number. I then called the dealership again in an attempt to rectify the problem. I spoke with **** at extension **** he admitted to me that someone had switched packaging and they did not actually verify the part for accuracy before it was shipped. I explained that I did not need this part, and wanted to send it back for a refund. He told me I may not get a full refund on the shipping even though the error was completely theirs. **** said he would look into the matter and call me back shortly. After 6 hours I called the dealership again. I spoke with someone else and was transferred to ****. **** informed me that they did not have the part in stock, but would order it and ship it to me at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. He also told me that they had no use for the hose I received, and I could just keep it. On Tuesday, June 10th I review my checking account and notice that there is a posted transaction for $52.91 from Scoggin Dickey. I called **** to ask why they charged me an additional 52.91, and was told thats the cost of the part. I reminded him that on Friday he said the part would be free of charge. At this point he became argumentative, and denied ever telling me the part would be sent at no additional charge. He talked over me at times which I felt was rude and unprofessional. If **** the liar did inform me of the additional cost, then why was I surprised to see this new charge posted to my checking account? I was never informed of the charge, I did not agree to the charge, and I did not authorize the charge. They had no authority to post a second charge to my checking account without telling me. I also do not appreciate the way he flat out lied to me and denied the whole conversation we had on Friday.

Desired Settlement
I am very displeased with the way this was handled. I do not appreciate being lied to and disrespected as a paying customer. I want the two transactions listed above completely reversed, and if you want your parts back I would like to have a shipping label emailed to me.

Business Response
We will be glad to issue a full refund to your card upon receipt of the returned parts. Please accept our apology for any misunderstanding this transaction has caused.

06/08/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

See Attached
See Attached

Desired Settlement
Given the continuing issues with the repair job I am requesting a refund for original work done. If this is not agreement arbitration may be necessary.

Business Response
BBB received the following written business response:

"Mrs. ***** brought her 2003 Subaru Baja, *** #*******CXXXXXXXXX, with 164200 miles to our Service Department on October 7, 2013. Our repair order number was 186946. Her complaints were engine oil leaks and possible wheel bearing problem.

After inspection and diagnosis of the car, the engine had several problems and the wheel bearing noise was found to be a problem with the transmission.

Because of the age and miles on the car, we advised the best way to repair the vehicle was to replace the engine, the transmission and clutch assembly. We gave Mrs. ***** prices to do the replacement of the engine ($5500.00) and transmission ($4500.00 plus labor, which would have been minimal while installing the engine at the same time) and clutch assembly ($675.00). She did not want to repair the car this way, she just wanted to fix the engine and replace the clutch assembly. She indicated that the Baja was a vehicle she would like to keep for a while with a minimum amount of expense, she liked her Subaru Baja.

We did the work she requested on her car and replaced the head gaskets, water pump, valve cover gaskets, timing belt and clutch assembly. This required removing the engine and transmission assemblies from the car. She did not address the transmission problem at this time. She was advised that the transmission repair would be $4500.00 plus an additional 8 hours labor to fix at a later date if this was not done now (noted on her repair order XXXXXX). This work was completed and the car returned to Mrs. *****.

Mrs. ***** brought the car back to our Service Department February 28, 2014 to look at an oil leak and check the air conditioner not cooling. We replaced the front oil pump seal at no charge to Mrs. ***** and repaired/replaced a hose to the A/C system that she paid for. Repair order number XXXXXX, mileage XXXXXX.

Mrs. ***** had the car in our shop June 18, 2014 for the transmission/clutch not shifting correctly. We replaced a transmission sleeve and bearing at no cost to her because of her prior investment into the car and we were hoping that this would be an investment into her purchasing a new vehicle from our company in the future. Repair order number XXXXXX, mileage XXXXXX.

The next time we hear from Mrs. ***** is February 2015 because her car is in a shop in Dripping Springs, TX. with an engine problem, work order number XXXXX with XXXXXX miles. According to the Central Garage the timing belt idler pulley has locked up and caused the timing belt to strip. This item, timing belt idler pulley, was not part of the work we did in October 2013. Even if it had been, the warranty on parts and labor is only 12 months. The car has been 25,933 since we worked on it and has been a year and 4 months which is past any warranty.

In conclusion, the work we did on the engine that she is unhappy about has performed fine for over 25,000 miles and 16 months. Cars do not last forever, time and mileage are the enemies. We repaired Mrs. *****'s high mileage vehicle as requested and worked diligently to earn her respect, however we cannot predict what high mileage items might break or function improperly that have been surrounded with new and/or updated components. This why replacing the entire engine and transmission assemblies with new factory assembled units are often the preferred methods for preserving longtime usage of a well-liked vehicle, of course the other common method in our economy is to replace the vehicle with a new car or something with less age and mileage. "

02/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

BBB received the following written complaint:

"Based on a Safety Recall notice I went twice to the this dealership (I did not buy the car from them) to have this item fixed. Both times they said they were to busy to get to it then, the first time they had me set up an appointment for a later date. I then contacted the main company and they said this was a 2 hour to fix the problem. I then dropped my car off at 0700 HRS on 19 Jan 15 I was the second car in line. When I first set up the appt. they said I had to drop it off they do not set times for me to come in, the place I bought the car would set up times for me to come in for repairs. I told the worked there but he told me they don't work that way it is first come first serve only. When I dropped the car off the worker told me to come back after noon it would be fixed by then (this was 5 hours later), plus an oil change. When I went there at 1230 HRS the worker told me it hadn't been looked at and they were to lousy to bother with it and try another dealer to fix it."

Desired Settlement
"Do your job and fix the problem. I know you don't get paid for this problem it is out of pocket for you but it is still a safety recall. This is first notice of a pending law suit if a problem should occure.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: *** ****** Service Manage
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX ext 250
Contact Email: *******
I have contacted *** ******* and spoke with him about the recall needed on his vehicle. I apologized for the work not getting done the first trip. He was understanding of that. I have *** ******* coming in on Thursday 2/5/15 at 9:00 am and will do the recall repairs while he stays here and waits for the work to be done which will take approximately 2 hours. He is fine with this arrangement and time duration. We will contact BBB when the work is finished and *** ******* is satisfied and has his vehicle back.

Final Business Response
*** ******* came in this morning at 9:00 am for his appointment to have the recall done on his vehicle. We did get the recall finished and his vehicle back to him by 9:50 am. He was pleased to get to work done and done quickly. I have included a copy of the finished repair invoice. Thank you for your help with this matter in getting a satisfied customer.
*** ******
Service Manager
Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet

01/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My wife and I were told we would have a loan car while we were waiting for a vehicle repair. She was given no vehicle and had to wait with babies.
We purchased a ***** Minivan from the used car lot around Thanksgiving of 2014. When we purchased there was a problem with the locking mechanism and a loose plastic piece on the driver seat. Our sales person, ***** told us he would order the parts. We purchased the minivan at that time.

When the parts came in we were asked to make an appointment since we live 2.5hours away from Lubbock. My wife made the appointment and we arrived on time 12/16/14 at 10am. She was going to eat lunch with her grandmother who was bed ridden. However when she arrived she was not given a loan car as promised.

My wife is very passive and did not push for the vehicle. She had a 6month old baby and a 2 year old with her. I am very disappointed with the situation. She had to wait three hours. The children were hungry and she didnt get to spend that time with her grandmother.

The panel replacement on the drivers seat has to be re-ordered because it was the wrong one. So we have to make arrangements to have the panel put on ourselves after its delivered.

Desired Settlement
I would like the owner/manager to apologize. I would also like them to give me some options on how this panel (that we were promised would be fixed) will be fixed.

Futhermore, if you are going to promise a loan car follow through with that promise. A man is only as good as his word. I understand promblem's arise but adjustments should take place.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ****** Sales Mgr
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX ext 240
Contact Email: *******
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconveniences caused in this situation. In addition to the wrong part being ordered, the repairs that could be made took longer than anticipated. The correct part was mailed out upon arrival per the customer's request. We will be happy to install the part as promised and provide a loaner car the moment you arrive. If a return trip to Lubbock is not possible, please contact us directly with an estimate for the labor charges necessary to install the part at your location. Upon approval of the charges, we will make arrangements to either pay the for labor directly or reimburse you after installation. We hope this will resolve your concerns and again apologize for your inconvenience.

12/15/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Scoggin Dickey would not honor a listed price on parts that i ordered.
On 11/27/2014 i was searching for some parts for a car i'm building and found those parts at a discounted price on Scoggin Dickey's website so i placed the order for 1-SD102MMEL and 1-SD102MMELB **** ******** throttle bodies order #55534 for a total of $711.39 including shipping paid on my CC.
On 11/28/2014 i get a email from ***** from Scoggin Dickey stating the pricing listed was a error with their system and they would not honor those prices instead offered me a special price on the throttle bodies however that price is the going rate of those parts at other places!
I let ***** know i was very unhappy with him not being a stand up business and honoring the prices listed on the website as it was not my error. ***** informed me he refunded my CC and he was sorry he also had told me the SD102MMELB part was not available which i replied i would be willing to accept the one throttle body and cancel the second at the website price which he still declined.
I'm very disappointed with this so-called reputable company who will not make good on their mistake!

Desired Settlement
I would like atleast one of the Throttle bodies i originally purchased at the website listed price i paid which is $330.32 for the SD102MMEL which i think is more than fair considering its only one at their error price instead of two.

Business Response
Dear *** *******,

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the order process on our website.

While we sympathize and can understand how upset you are over the software issue, the terms on our website clearly state "Some situations that may result in your order being canceled include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information".

Please be reassured at no time was your credit card charged.

Scoggin-Dickey thrives on customer service. We appreciate your business and can fulfill your order for one of part# SD102MMEL at the price of $550.00 (below contractual advertised price) with no cost for shipping. Please contact ***** for order completion.

Thank you for your business. We hope that we can be your source for any automotive needs in the future.

A link to our terms and conditions:

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As I stated before the $550 price is no deal I can purchase those at the normal selling price from other vendors. You falsely advertised parts on your website and now want to hide behind some verbiage instead of doing what any good business would do honor the error price instead of insulting with a average price.
You control your website and webmaster and are responsible for them not the customers when mistakes happen handle them like good business's do not hiding making excuses its very sad!

Final Business Response
*** *******,

We understand your frustration and please know that did we not offer the data upload error pricing to anyone who tried to order through our website. $550 was honored to anyone who placed an order during the website software issue for part SD102MMEL.

Terms and conditions are set in place to not only protect the consumer but to also protect the vendor from uncontrollable events such as this data upload.

If a vendor is listing part SD102MMEL below $599.95 they are in violation of MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) and risk losing distribution privileges. If you know of any such vendor advertising below $599.95 please forward the details so that we can address the MAP violation.

We will be happy to honor the price of $550 for a quantity of 1 part SD102MMEL with free ground shipping.

We thank you for your business and wish you happy holidays.

Please let us know if we can help with any of your future needs.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I understand MAP pricing and it does not apply to sales and promo pricing. It just one more thing you are trying to hide behind so you do not have to honor your falsely advertised price and do you think by telling me you did not honor any of the falsely advertised prices to other customers makes it OK?
Well it does not it just adds to the very poor business practices your company has and I have seen!
As I said before I will not accept you insulting offer so you can stop putting it out there I will not close this case until you do the right thing so maybe stop making all these excuses and do just that the right thing!
If you feel like causing other vendors damage due to their selling prices not meeting MAP you do that but I will not help that there even proves more of that fact or you poor business ethics by wanting to do such a thing!

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