Apple Launches iPhone Trade-In Program

September 30, 2013

Apple’s in-store iPhone trade-in program is launching today in the United States. Customers who bring in their gently used iPhones will be able to receive credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone, according to USA TODAY.

Sounds great, right? As you dig out your old iPhones from the depths of your closet and drawers, consider this: Apple hasn’t formally said how much credit they would offer customers, but presumably, it would it depend on what kind of condition the device is in.

As USA TODAY notes, retailers Best Buy, Target and RadioShack currently offer buyback programs, and some wireless carriers do as well. Online sites Gazelle and NextWorth pay cash for phones, and even Apple had already quietly joined in with the little-advertised Recycle program on its website. Old iPhones, depending upon the model, can garner from $150 to $350.

However, no matter where you trade in your phone, make sure you wipe it clean of all personal information and data. You wouldn’t want the new user to have a field day with your personal emails…and banking information.

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