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C & D Plumbing Inc.

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08/24/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

C&D Plumbing is refusing to give me a letter/invoice for accidentally removing my water heater, when they were just supposed to give me a quote.
My water heater busted and flooded my house. As a result I began looking to get it replaced. My girlfriend and I called a few companies to gather some quotes. C&D Plumbing offered to send someone out, free of charge, to provide an on-site quote. Their plumber, Angel, came out and proceeded to saw the pipes connected to the water heater. I stopped him, and told him he was just there to give me a quote. He called his company and realized there was some miscommunication and apologized for the mix-up. He offered to moved the water heater outside and I agreed to let him move it. After he moved the unit to the front of my house, he got in his van and left without giving me a receipt/invoice. The next day, I had my insurance adjuster come out to inspect the damage from the initial flood. He did his inspection and asked me "How did the water heater end up outside?" So I told him about the mistake made by the plumber. My insurance adjuster told me he would need a letter/invoice from C&D Plumbing for his records. My girlfriend reached out to C&D Plumbing to get the letter/invoice. The company initially said that we would have it by the end of the week. End of the week came, we still didn't have the letter. My girlfriend called back today, May 31st, 2016, and they told her that to get the letter we would have to be charged $75. My girlfriend spent 20 minutes on the phone with the owner of the company. He refused to demonstrate any type of customer service and would not give her the letter even though his employees said we would be able to get it. After getting off the phone with him, my girlfriend called me to tell me about the ordeal. I googled the company and noticed the address was only a few minutes away. I drove over there and asked to speak with Katherine and Annie (The office workers that my girlfriend had been going back and forth with. Instead the owner came out. Before I could say a single word, he dictated to me that he didn't care what I had to say, and that I would have to pay the $75 for the letter. When I asked for an explanation for why I would have to pay $75 for a letter stating this his own company made a mistake. His response was "Because I'm the owner and I say so." He then proceeded to enter my personal space, he then physically threatened to kick me out and drag me out, then threatened to call the cops on me. I tried to reason with him, I tried asking for a professional explanation and I got nothing. The only thing I received was threats in response to me pointing out the facts of the situation. No consumer should ever have to experience that type of behavior. No consumer should ever have to be treated in such a fashion. And in absolutely no case should a consumer have to pay money for a company to fix their own mistake. The only resolution I'm looking for in this situation is the letter/invoice my insurance company is requesting that states C&D plumbing removed my old water heater. That's it. A single letter with that sentence. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Desired Settlement
The only resolution I'm looking for in this situation is the letter/invoice that my insurance company is looking for. One single letter that says something to the effect of: C&D Plumbing removed the old water heater from my home. Something that simple of company letterhead. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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To whom it may concern,

On May 16, 2016 ******** **** called C&D Plumbing Inc. and spoke with the Office/HR Manager Anny *******, Michelle asked if we would honor a coupon she saw in Angie's list for installation of a water heater at $599. I advised her that the sale was over but would be happy to honor it.

She wanted to make an appointment right away, to which I advised that I would first need dimensions to place the order of the water heater so that Angel (our plumber) can install at the time of the visit, she agreed to call back, she later called back and provided the information: 40-gallon electric water heater, 22 inches in diameter and 29 inches tall located in a closet. When she called back my assistant took that the information and proceeded to schedule the appointment for May 19th between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

When Angel arrived to the appointment, the conversation went as follows:
Angel nocked on the door and introduced himself as C&D employee and said "I'm here to replace the water heater, where is the water shut off valve and the electrical outlet, ******** and ***** showed Angel the way to the water heater, to the main shut off valve and to the electrical breaker, Angel then told them that he was going to shut off the water and the electrical, Angel went and turned water and electric off and came back in with his tools. He said there was water everywhere, it looked as if the water heater had flooded out and had been leaking slowly
Angel disconnected the lines that connected the water heater to the water line and right then ***** said "this was just an estimate" at which time the lines had been removed, Angel called the office to clarify what the service call was for, I spoke to Angel and advised that it was a replacement water heater, at that point Angel gave ***** the option to reinstall the leaky water heater or to take it out, to which ***** asked Angel to just cap off the lines and leave it outside of the home. Angel did so and left the house. As a courtesy we did not charge for the usual service fee of $39.95 (normally applied to repair cost if we are hired to do the repair) nor for capping off the lines normally $100.

On May 25, ******** called our office and said that their Insurance company wanted an invoice or letter stating that we moved the water heater to the outside of the property. On May 26th I called ******** and left her a voice message to please call the office back. On May 31st ******** called back and spoke to me, I explained that there was no invoice to give her as nothing was charged, she then asked me for a letter with C&D Plumbing letterhead for the insurance company, she also asked me if I would still honor the same price of $599 which I agreed to do so, immediately she proceeded to tell me that she had already purchased a water heater from home depot, and that all she needed is the letter for the insurance company, I advised her that the letter would cost her $75.00 and she continued to ask why several times as if she wasn't listening to me, I then had her speak to the owner ***** *********** who explained once again the same thing, she also asked him for the price of installing the water heater and also told her never mind because she hired someone else.

Approximately 30 minutes later ***** stormed into our office and asked the front office staff Katherine to speak to me, his demeanor was demanding and a bit scary (I could see thru a glass window with one way view) so I asked the owner to speak to him, ***** went to the front office and introduced himself, ***** demanded the letter and was very aggressive, ***** explained the rate and ***** got louder, ***** asked him a few times to please leave otherwise he would call the police and instead ***** took a step forward and got louder this went on for a a few minutes at which time I called the police, when ***** heard this he continued to demand the letter and insult our company but walked to the door, and placed his foot stopping and holding the door open. He continued to ask why we couldn't give him the letter, at this point ***** told him we were not going to give him anything, ***** finally got in his car and left, the police arrived within the next 3 to 5 minutes. We also have cameras that would prove our statement if needed.

We at C&D Plumbing strive to provide excellent customer service and treat every customer with the utmost respect and have never encountered a customer as violent and aggressive as *****.

Should you have any questions please call me directly,

Best Regards,

Anny *******
Office Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To Whom it May Concern:

This response from C&D Plumbing is false and exaggerated. To begin with, my girlfriend never once mentioned Angie's List. When she called she was simply looking for a free quote. We called multiple plumbers to gather free quotes and at this point in time we were only looking to gather quotes so that we could make an informed decision about which plumbing company we were going to use. She emphasized and repeated that she was only looking for a free quote. Also, when she first called she did not speak with Anny ******* the office manager, she spoke with the receptionist. It was the receptionist that said we could get a free quote. Upon confirming it would be a free quote, my girlfriend went ahead and scheduled the appointment. When Angel arrived, he did not say "I'm here to replace the water heater." If he had said that I would have corrected him and this whole situation could have been avoided. He simply asked to see where the water heater was. When Angel looked at the water heater there was not "water everywhere" as is declared in the above response. As soon as I got home from work I used my Wet/Dry vacuum to pick up the water that was on the ground. We had multiple plumbers lined up to provide quotes so I made sure the area was clean enough for them to look at it and provide a quote. He then went out to his truck and came back in with some tools. He crouched next to the water heater and began to look it over. As far as I knew he was looking it over and gathering the information he needed to give me a quote. Next thing I know he has a power tool out and is cutting into the pipes. This is when I stopped him and told him that this was just for a quote. He looked surprised. He walked outside to call his company. He came back in to tell me that there must have been some kind of mix up, that he has a water heater loaded up on the truck already paid for. I told him we haven't submitted any type of payment information, and that when we called it was simply to get a quote and that we had confirmed it multiple times with his company that it was just a quote. Realizing that a mistake was made, Angel OFFERED to take the water heater out and remove it from the house to outside my front door, as well as cap the pipes. There was no "courtesy" given. He made a mistake, and he attempted to fix the mistake.

The whole reason for us getting a new water heater is because my previous one broke and flooded my downstairs. I called my home insurance company, told them about the issue and they sent an agent out to inspect. When the agent arrived he saw the water heater outside my house and inquired about how it got there. I then proceeded to tell him about the mistake made by Angel. The agent then told me that because the water heater was moved, he would need a letter simply stating who moved it.

On May 24th, my girlfriend called C&D plumbing inquiring about the letter for my insurance company. She spoke with the receptionist. The receptionist said she would have to get Angel to write up an invoice and that they would send it over by the end of the week. My girlfriend did receive a voicemail on the 26th from C&D plumbing and she called back multiple times on the 26th. She did not wait five days as was said in their response before calling back. Each time she called back on the 26th she spoke with the receptionist. The result of those phone calls are the following: That we would be able to get a letter, confirm spelling of email, and that Angel was busy with other jobs so that was why there was a delay in getting the letter. After patiently waiting for a response from C&D Plumbing, my girlfriend then called back on the 31st. She first spoke with the receptionist to confirm that she was getting the letter. The receptionist said that they had just sent it and that it should be be in her email within the next few minutes. My girlfriend then hung up the phone with the receptionist and 28 minutes later **** called my girlfriend. This conversation was the first time **** and my girlfriend spoke. My girlfriend had to recount the entire situation from the initial mistake made by Angel to her conversations with the receptionist. **** then informed my girlfriend that they would send a letter for $75. Shocked by this sudden change, my girlfriend asked why? Citing back everything that had already been told to her by the receptionist and the fact that no mention of a cost for this letter was ever mentioned before.
In C&D's response they made this statement: "I explained that there was no invoice to give her as nothing was charged, she then asked me for a letter with C&D Plumbing letterhead for the insurance company, she also asked me if I would still honor the same price of $599 which I agreed to do so, immediately she proceeded to tell me that she had already purchased a water heater from home depot" Why would we ask her to honor the $599 if by this point in time we had already purchased and installed a new water heater from Home Depot? This is just another example of the exaggeration and falsehood of C&D Plumbing's response. After my girlfriend and **** went back and forth for a bit, **** transferred my girlfriend to the owner, *****. My girlfriend and ***** proceeded to go back and forth about this issue. ***** made some preposterous claim that they had to charge $75 because of the labor costs involved in getting letterhead and typing up the letter. Realizing the futility of trying to reason with ***** my girlfriend ended the conversation and called me. She was distraught and explained the situation to me. I then googled the address for C&D Plumbing. I saw they were close to where I live so I got in my car and drove over there. In C&D Plumbing's response they claimed I "stormed" in. I did not. I calmly walked in. I calmly asked the receptionist to speak with her and the office manager. The receptionist asked me in regards to what? I began to tell her about the situation with my girlfriend. She recognized the situation and stepped away to get the office manager. The office manager came out and told me the owner would be coming out to talk to me. When ***** came out I calmly tried to introduce myself and say why I was there. He didn't let me finish. He cut me off and dictated to me that he wasn't going to listen to me, that he knew why I was there, that I would not be getting a letter, and that I needed to leave. I tried to reason with him. I tried to explain to him that all I needed was a simple letter for the insurance company. He then told me it would be $75. I had no intention of paying $75. There's no way I'm going to be extorted like that. When I tried to continue to explain myself and the situation, ***** began to raise his voice. ***** then entered my personal space. ***** is the one who threatened to kick me out and drag me out. ***** is the one who chose to escalate the situation. When I realized the situation was hopeless I left, got in my car, and drove off.

The behavior of the owner in this situation is beyond atrocious. The description of how these events actually occurred in C&D Plumbing's response are false and exaggerated. The capabilities and organization of their company is inefficient. But the bottom line is that all of this could of been avoided with a simple sheet of paper stating "C&D Plumbing moved his water heater outside". There was no reason for this to scale up to this level. There was no reason for this to cause unnecessary stress to my girlfriend and me. You're asking me if I do or do not accept their response? The answer to that question is an emphatic DO NOT.


***** *********

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