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Sleep Holdings, Inc.

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9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 4 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues2
Delivery Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

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Complaint Resolution Log (9)
05/13/2016Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Delay Delivery
when I order my items the web site said 5-7 business day. I call the company customer service and was told 5-9 business day. last time I spoke or received a email I was told it 5-10 business day 05/06/2016 is ten business day. my items is paid for with a value over $5000.00 dollars, just want my delivery with NO more delay

Desired Settlement
just the delivery made with all that was order and in perfect condition as promise

Business Response
Thank you for your email regarding this customer. We always strive for excellent customer service and take any complaints seriously.

Unfortunately, we can not ship this customer's order as his order was cancelled and a full refund was issued to his financing company. Should he wish to re-order, we will be more than happy to expedite the manufacturing and delivery of his mattress.

Thank you,

Customer Service Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

05/27/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I ordered and paid for a latex mattress and foundation from Plushbeds ($3,000.00) and have had the worst experience with the quality and integrity of their service. The first of my issues came to light when I discovered that my shipment was incomplete - the foundation that I had ordered with the mattress was missing from the delivery. I spent $85.00 hiring two fellas to move the delivery up to my bedroom on the 2nd floor since I had just had a spinal procedure and was not allowed to lift any weight of significance. Once up in my bedroom the shipments were opened and it was then that I discovered that they were incomplete and could not be assembled - $85 down the drain. What's more it turned out that the wrong mattress was shipped. I ordered a Medium-Firm mattress even though they tried to talk me into purchasing a Medium but I insisted on a former. Nonetheless the confirmation order they sent me itemized the mattress as Medium. I immediately notified them that this was incorrect and that it must be changed to Medium-Firm. They agreed to do so and informed me that the shipment would be changed to a Medium-Firm. Low and behold I still received the wrong mattress - a Medium. Again I notified them and was given a run around about removing the topper which would then give me the feel of a Medium-Firm mattress. This is just unacceptable and I've now taken up the issue with the credit card company and might do the same with the BBB. Don't let these folk talk you into purchasing a Medium mattress when you want a Medium-Firm. This is just speculation but I believe they have an overstock of Medium mattresses that they're eager to unload, and I suspect that they don't have any Medium-Firm ones in stock.All of the above is documented in e-mail correspondence with PlushBeds. And no, more than three weeks later this is still not resolved despite their pledge to correct the error. The expense, the inconvenience, dishonesty and frustration should preclude any potential customer from doing business with this vendor.
Product_Or_Service: Mattress and Foundation
Order_Number: XXXXXXX
Account_Number: N/A

Desired Settlement
I'm requesting a partial refund for the inconvenience, expense, dishonesty and frustration I've experienced with this vendor. It's not something that one expects having spent $3,000.00 on a mattress and foundation. This bed was purchased specifically to address my spinal stenosis.

Business Response
Thank you for bringing this customer's complaint to our attention. We truly value our relationships with our customers and have been working directly with this customer to resolve their shipping issue prior to being aware of this complaint.

The customer ordered a MED-FIRM latex mattress and foundation on April 4th, however his order confirmation reflected a MEDIUM. Although a firmness change was entered into our database, his mattress shipped within 48 hours and the firmness change was not processed in time as we were in the process of moving to our new 40,000sf production facility. His foundation was shipped separately as well due to our move. Receiving the wrong mattress caused the customer both an inconvenience and a loss of $85 for the men he had hired to assist him with his new mattress.

Upon becoming aware of the situation, our CEO personally reached out to the customer to apologize for our company sending the incorrect mattress firmness, and for his mattress foundation arriving separately and assured him we would resolve it with the following steps:

a. we would expedite his comfort exchange to ship the following day for the correct firmness

b. We included an additional set of Egyptian sheets ($149) for the inconvenience

c. We would send him a $100 refund to compensate him for the workers he had hired to assemble his foundation

In summary, in addition to his (now) complete order, the customer has received the following:

1. Customer now has an additional 3" softer layer of natural latex should he ever want to change his mattress to a softer feel down the road.

2. Customer received an additional set of Egyptian sheets for his inconvenience ($149 - No Charge)

3. Customer received a $100 refund check mailed to him to compensate him for the men he hired - this was a gesture of customer service - not a commitment or obligation with his order.

4. A personal apology from the CEO with an explanation of the mix up and a direct contact number should he need anything else.

All of these steps were taken on our own, prior to learning of this complaint. In a follow up email, the customer informed us he would be contacting the BBB to make note of his satisfaction on how the situation was handled.

While we regret the inconvenience our initial mix up has caused the customer, hopefully the actions taken after the fact demonstrate our commitment to a great shopping experience.

Copies of all correspondence can be furnished upon request. If any further information is needed, I can be reached at the number below.


******* ******
Customer Satisfaction Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I hereby confirm that the original complaint that I filed against PlushBeds has been completely satisfied. ******* ******, the President/CEO of Plushbeds, upon learning of my complaint sent me a personal letter apologizing for the inconvenience and made amends by offering the items provided above and moreover making good on my original order.
The product itself is superb and I would recommend it to other consumers in the market for a latex mattress, or any other mattress type for that matter. It appears that my experience was an anomaly and should not detract from the otherwise superior service and product that this company provides.
Thank you for taking up my case.
******* *******

04/24/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Failure to deliver product more than 4 weeks after charging my credit card.
Plushbeds charged my credit card $4,097 over four weeks ago. They have made no attempt to contact me deliver my bed. I called and spoke with the receptionist, but she refused to allw me to speak to a customer service representative. She was unable to even look up my order.

Desired Settlement
At this point, I would just like my money back. Plushbeds won't even talk to me.

Final Consumer Response
Dear BBB,
I would like to retract this dispute, please. The vendor has engaged and promised to correct this. I trust they will do so sufficiently.

Thank you,

***** ***

09/13/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Plushbeds provided the wrong return packing information and doesn't horner their "free shipping and return" policy.
Hi, my name is ****** ****. My husband, ****** ****, purchased a latex king-size mattress for our 5 years anniversary from (order number XXXXXXX, sales price $1,999). We found out that the mattress is too hard for my husband and too soft for me, so I contacted Plushbeds at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and talked to a customer rep named ******. She agreed to send me two half-king size toppers for $50 plus $99 shipping (total $149), one is harder and the other is softer. She said after I return the original topper, they will refund the $99 shipping cost (their website always advertises "free shipping").

After two weeks when I final received them, I tried to replace the original king size topper on my own (my husband was out of town). The toppers are heavy (around 100 lbs, about my size) and awkward to move. After I finally removed the big mattress and inserted the two small ones to the zippered mattress cover (it has to be exact fit, otherwise it won't close), I found out one of the two new ones was the wrong size. Very frustrated, I took the small ones out and slept on a bed without a topper.

After I reached out to Plushbeds, ****** told me that she didn't know what size of the small mattress they had sent and asked me to "get a ruler" to measure it and call her back; otherwise "nothing I can do". Within the entire conversation, no apologizes, what I heard was "I don't want you to be upset. Listen, I want you to do this..." Aren't the seller/manufactory not supposed to know what size of the product they sold or shipped? With full of frustration, I asked to talk to the customer service manager. Unfortunately ****** IS the manager. After I called multiple times and left a few messages, an Assistant Manager named *** finally called me back.

*** said she will send me a replacement and asked me to pack the original 100-lb topper back to the ORIGINAL box and they will refund me the $99 shipping cost. With no other options, I asked three friends over to help me lift and squeeze the topper to the ORIGINAL box. When I called for pickup, *** said that she "didn't know the original box was for king-size", so I have to either pay for the $99 return shipping, or "find a box meet their free shipping requirements", which is a mini-refrigerator size box and it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to fit in a king without a professional compress machine.

She provided the wrong information, but why the customer becomes victims? Where can I find the "right" box and who can I ask again to help me to take the 100 lbs topper out and where can I find a compress machine to insert a king to a mini-refrigerator size box? I was very upset and questioned *** about her misleading packing information and Plushbeds' false "free shipping & returning" advertisement. Then she said she will arrange a pickup and will refund me the $99 per receipt. However, 5 minutes later she called me back and changed back to her original statement - find a box "meeting their free shipping requirements" or pay for the &99 shipping. I was so frustrated that did not want to discuss with them further. Then a couple of minutes later, *** called again and switched back to her second opinion - arrange a pickup and refund me the $99 after they exam the mattress.

They shift so quickly and are not trustful. Unfortunately I have to say this is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my ENTIRE life! I am really tired of calling them for 20+ times, "argue" with their "free shipping and return" policy, and facing these rude customer service people who even didn't apologize for their poor attitude and service! I am now asking for the full refund of the $149 back to my credit card, and hope the management is aware of the issue and Plushbeds can provide more professional customer service.

Thanks for your help & hope this unpleasant experience didn't ruin your day. Please contact me with any questions & look forward to hearing from you!

Desired Settlement
A full refund of the $149 back to my credit card

Business' Initial Response
Dear Better Business Bureau,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and were not aware of this customer's discontent until receiving this complaint as this comfort exchange transaction occurred 7 months ago and we were not aware of Mrs. ****'s experience at the time.

In reading the complaint, Mrs. **** was working with *** in our customer service dept, who was in training at the time, however it seems the bigger issue is that our free shipping policy of her original mattress order was taken out of context, leading to a misunderstanding of our comfort exchange policy.

Plushbeds is proud of offer some of the best user experience policies online. To minimize the risk of ordering the wrong mattress firmness, we offer a 100 night comfort exchange policy for a nominal shipping cost. As our website clearly states, here is our comfort exchange policy:

100 Night Comfort Exchange

Ordered the wrong mattress firmness? Not a problem. Simply call one of our mattress specialists at X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and ask for a one-time comfort exchange. For a nominal shipping charge of $45 and a $100 deposit, we'll send you out a new top layer of 100% natural talalay latex (either softer or firmer, depending on your needs).
Simply unzip the cover of your mattress, and exchange the existing top layer with the new one for a perfect night's sleep without the hassle of sending back your whole mattress.
Just put the old latex layer in the box, and send it back to us with the UPS label we provide. Once received, we'll send it out to our 3rd party liquidators and refund your $100 deposit. We don't believe a sale in final until you are sleeping peacefully and happily in the comfort of your new mattress.

To be clear, upon request, we would send out a replacement top layer of 100% natural latex ($400 retail cost) for only a flat $45 round-trip shipping fee + a $100 deposit. Once the customer returns the original top layer of latex, their $100 deposit is refunded back to them.

On January 31st, Mrs. **** called and requested a comfort exchange, however she wanted it split in half with a different firmness on each side. She also expressed she did not want to pay the $45 shipping or $100 deposit for this request. She was told that while there would be no additional fees to customize a different firmness on each side of her bed, she would be required to pay the $45 shipping fee + the $100 deposit as our comfort exchange policy is clearly stated on our website. Mrs. **** proceeded with her comfort exchange and paid $145.00, and a custom order for a new top layer of latex (different firmness on each side) was ordered.

On Friday, February 8th, Mrs. **** called to say she received the new custom top layers (she received 2 different custom pieces of natural latex to accommodate her custom firmness request), but 1 of them was 2" too short. Our customer service manager submitted an order for a replacement to be sent to Mrs. **** at no extra cost.

On March 25th, Mr. **** called to say he needed to return the original comfort layer so he could get his $100 deposit back. Instructions were emailed to him, acknowledging that we would send him a return UPS label once the package was ready to ship, and once the comfort layer was received back to us, his $100 refund would be promptly refunded.

We never received the original comfort layer back, and, as some customers decide to keep both their original layer and their replacement layer ($400 natural latex comfort layer for only a $100 deposit), we assumed this was the case with Mr. and Mrs. ****, until receiving this complaint, now several months later.

We regret that Mrs. **** did not fully understand our comfort exchange policy and was under the assumption that comfort adjustments were completely free, yet we were charging her $145 for shipping costs (when $100 was a refundable deposit).

In looking through her account, we accommodated her comfort exchange per our policy clearly stated on our website. We upgraded this request to customize the firmness of each side of her bed at no additional cost. We immediately sent her a replacement latex layer (additional $200 value) upon her indicating it was 2" short, and we sent complete instructions on returning the original layer, where we would pay the return shipping costs, and refund their $100 deposit once received.

I'm not sure if Mrs. **** was trying to package both the original comfort layer and the shorter replacement in the box, but was disheartened to hear of her frustration while speaking with *** in our customer service center, who based on Mrs. ****'s comments, seemed to be confused, as our goal is to serve our customers until they are satisfied.

Upon receiving this complaint, our customer service manager immediately reached out to Mrs. **** to hear her concerns. Due to the confusion experienced with ***, who was in training at the time of Mrs. ****'s comfort exchange request, and her struggle with packaging her comfort layers, we informed Mrs. **** that she could keep all comfort layers ($600 of natural latex), and we have refunded both her $45 shipping fee and her $100 deposit the same day notification of this issue was received. Additionally, we also sent Mr. and Mrs. **** a set of king size latex pillows for the inconvenience.

We truly value our customers and our customer service team works extremely hard to service their needs and requests. While we regret Mrs. **** did not have a pleasurable experience initially, we hope our response has demonstrated our commitment to satisfying our customers.


******* ******

03/13/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues
04/25/2016Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

I ordered a Reverie 8Q 13 days ago and have received no word on status.
PlushBeds Order Number: XXXXXXX
I ordered the Reverie 8Q on February 10. I have called twice for an update. No one has initiated both calls. I did get a call back but I was told that it was the manufacturers, responsibility to call and deliver to me. I was told the order takes 8 to 10 days for delivery. It's now 13 days and I have NO Reverie 8Q, NO call as to the status of my order. I even called Reverie and they said it was PlushBeds responsibility. So this great.... both are blaming each other. They have MY MONEY! I am having shoulder replacement surgery on March 1st. I will NOT have use of my left arm for about Two months. I have no means with which to set up the frame if it ever arrives. If I don't get the frame THIS week, it will be to late. Right now, I am very unhappy.

Desired Settlement
Please deliver my order BEFORE February 29. After that, it will be too late.

Business Response
***Document Attached***
Dear Better Business Bureau,

Thank you for bringing this mattress to our attention. We always strive to offer an excellent shopping experience to our customers and regret this was not the case for Mr. ********. I have researched the internal steps taken once Mr. ********'s order was received, and have discovered the following:

2/10 - We received Mr. ********'s order for a Reverie 8Q adjustable bed
2/10 - This order was submitted to ship directly from Reverie as no mattress was ordered with the adjustable bed.
2/11 - We received an order acknowledgement from Reverie, which should have shipped directly to Mr. ******** shortly thereafter (attached).
2/15 - Mr. ******** called in and per his request, we gave him a free 10 year extended warranty on his purchase to match a promotion we were running. Mr. ******** was very happy.
2/16 - We received an email from Reverie. Apparently the person receiving orders no longer works at Reverie (terminated) and there was confusion as to which orders were received and processed. They requested that we resubmit Mr. ********'s order.
2/16 - We resubmitted Mr. ********'s order to Reverie
2/19 - Reverie resolved their issues and shipped Mr. ********'s adjustable bed
2/22 - We sent a shipping notice to Mr. ********'s email address with his tracking information (attached) as soon as we received the tracking information.
2/23 - Mr. ******** called in to inquire on his order and said he needed it delivered before March 1st as he is having surgery and will not be able to use the bed. He was informed it shipped and was given the tracking information.
2/29 - Mr. ********'s order was delivered to his home in Texas

Apparently, there was an unforeseen delay when the employee at Reverie processing the orders was terminated, and they needed a few additional days to sort out the details, however it still shipped within 7 business days from receiving Mr. ********'s order. We have worked with Reverie for many years and stand behind both their products and their service as one of the best in the industry. It's unfortunate that this incident, while only lasting a few days, has inconvenienced Mr. ********.

Per Mr. ********'s request, we did make sure his adjustable bed was delivered prior to March 1st, and look forward to offering a superior delivery experience on his mattress purchase.

Thank you,

******* ******

04/22/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Free interest if I clicked on PayPal at the end of my order I did and it took the money out of my bank account right then
When I ordered this item at the end of the sales I click on PayPal and then it prompt me to fill in information they did not set it up for free interest for 6 months as I was told by Plushbeds, they did not tell me I had to call Paypal to set it up, just click on Paypal. I only found this out after calling Plusbeds to check on my order, I also had ordered the wrong item and it was a mess, Paypal had already debit my bank account and I am waiting for them to reverse the charges and Plushbeds to contract Paypal to take this off my bank account.

Desired Settlement
Please have them to fix there web page and inform there associates of a correct way of doing business and correct information to the public

Business Response
Dear BBB,

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention. We are a bit perplexed as we do not offer financing through PayPal anywhere on our website. We have partnered with to offer financing on all of our products, which is clearly displayed on all of our product pages. Additionally, on our checkout page, customers have 3 checkout options; "Pay by Credit Card", "Pay by PayPal", and "Financing by Affirm". Payment by PayPal is one of the oldest and most popular payment methods online, and is no different than paying with a credit card. Although PayPal does have a financing product, it is not one that we offer, nor advertise on our website, as we have found more customers get approved for financing through Affirm.

We are sorry Mrs. ***** was under the assumption that we offered financing by PayPal, however there is no information on our website to support this assumption, and plenty of information to support financing by Affirm, our only financing partner. If Mrs. ***** received a financing offer directly from PayPal, within her PayPal account, she should take this matter up directly with PayPal as this has nothing to do with our company or website.

Thank you,

******* ******

01/21/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

PlushBeds Not Honoring Its 100 Night Money Back Guarantee
I ordered a latex mattress from PlushBeds on September 5, 2015 for over $2500 (including tax). Once I received the mattress it was extremely uncomfortable. I called customer service asking to avail myself of their highly publicized 100 night in-home comfort adjustment with $0 shipping fees. I was informed that PlushBeds could not send me a new top layer for the mattress that would fit within the mattress cover because I already had the softest top layer available. I asked if I could exchange the mattress base layer to make the mattress softer but was told that was impossible. After some arguing, PlushBeds said they could send me a top foam layer that I would have to place on top of my existing mattress cover. So basically I was told my only options were to add an uncovered foam layer to my $2500 mattress or return the entire mattress. I reluctantly agreed to try PlushBeds proposed clunky solution to solve my discomfort. I received this additional layer of uncovered foam . It was a clunky and unattractive solution to my issue and it didn't solve my comfort issue with the mattress. So I called PlushBeds customer service again to initiate a return of the entire mattress and additional top layer. This is where I began to have major issues with the company.

PlushBeds says it offers free returns within 100 days of delivery and free shipping. But it does not clearly disclose that the customer must find suitable shipping boxes for a king size mattress weighing close to 200 pounds and must get that mattress package to the street to be picked up by a freight truck. I asked PlushBesds where I could get suitable boxes for such a large and heavy item and received very vague answers. The company wasn't helpful at all. So I was forced to hire someone to help me create custom boxes for the mattress parts and fold them up in plastic as required by PlushBeds. This took over 3 hours with two men. It cost me $250 just to get the mattress packaged up.

I carefully packaged the mattress and told PlushBeds it was ready to be returned. PlushBeds engaged a freight carrier company it works with to supposedly pick up my mattress parts between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. on November 19th. My wife and I both took off blocks of time from work waiting for the carrier. But the carrier simply never showed up!!! We called the carrier repeatedly, getting reassurances that the truck was coming. We lugged the largest mattress piece downstairs from our 12th floor condo since we had been told that the mattress needed to be outside at the time the freight carrier arrived. We wasted an entire day and evening waiting for a carrier that never showed up.

I already know that PlushBeds will say that this is not its fault. In the email sending me the details of the freight carrier, PlushBeds wrote "We have ordered your pickup and are depending on the shipper to be there. The reality is that once we place the order, it is out of our control. If for some reason the shipper doesn't show up (which only happens once in a while), please call the number on the BOL to reschedule."

PlushBeds clearly knows its carriers are unreliable. Indeed, I suspect PlushBeds prefers unreliable carriers because it will obviously receive fewer returns if the shipper never shows up to pick up the mattress to be returned. I contend that PlushBed is purposefully hiring unreliable, cheap carriers to minimize the returns it receives. Most people would give up after having to custom package a 200 pound mattress, get it to the street, wait 6+ hours for a truck to pick it up and then find that the truck simply never arrives. I view this as PlushBeds doing everything possible to not honor its 100 Night Money Back Guarantee!

Desired Settlement
I want PlushBeds to agree to send a truck to my condo within a 1 hour window to pick up my mattress parts and the extra comfort layer for return to the company. I want PlushBeds to take responsibility for actually arranging the truck and making sure it arrives as expected.

I want a full refund for the mattress and the extra comfort layer as promised by PlushBeds Satisfaction Guarantee!

I want some type of restitution for all my expenses associated with packaging the mattress for return to PlushBeds.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Dawn ******
Contact Phone: X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *******
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and we were not aware of this customer's discontent until receiving this complaint.

The customer ordered a PlushBeds latex mattress on September 05, 2015. Our customer service department honored a free comfort exchange and sent him an additional top comfort layer of 100% natural latex to give the customer an even softer and more plush feel. The customer received the additional comfort layer but he still was not satisfied, so he initiated a return of the entire mattress, plus the additional comfort layer.

We arranged for the mattress to be picked up on November 19th, at our expense, and a confirmation and bill of lading with the 3rd party shipping company information was sent to the customer. The customer called us on November 20th to let us know that he called the shipping company several times and the shipping company assured him that they would be there, however; they failed to show up. Our customer service team immediately contacted a different shipping company and had the customer's mattress picked up that day (within 24 hours) on November 20th. A new confirmation and bill of lading was then sent to the customer that same day, on November 20th. The mattress was picked up on November 20th and returned to our facility on November 27th.

A 100% full refund was issued to the customer on December 7th, six business days later, after his mattress was received and inspected.

All of the proper steps to ensure our customer's satisfaction were taken by our customer service department. While we regret that the customer felt they were inconvenienced when the 1st shipping company failed to appear, we quickly sent a replacement carrier, within 24 hours, who successfully returned their mattress to us and the customer received a complete refund. We are happy that he was able to take advantage of our generous return policy and receive a full refund, and feel that it is very unfortunate that he filed a complaint against our company for the ctions of the 3rd party shipping company.

Hopefully our actions demonstrate our commitment to a great shopping experience. Copies of all correspondence can be furnished upon request. If any further information is needed, we can be reached at the number below.


Customer Satisfaction Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not feel that the company adequately disclosed at the time of purchase that I would have to find my own custom packaging to return the mattress. It was nearly impossible to find appropriate packaging. I also do not feel the company adequately disclosed that I would have to find a way to get a king sized mattress out to the street to be picked up by a common carrier for an outside pick-up. I request payment of the 200 USD it costs me to actually return the mattress to the company on top of the amount I paid the company. I appreciate the company arranging a second pick-up. But do feel the company should do a better job of finding common carriers to pick up mattresses for return. The whole process was frustrating and the trucking companies were difficult work with.

01/02/2015Problems with Product / Service

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