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Solid Ground Financial, LLC

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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
05/28/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

this company is incredibly shady and gave me the run around very bad. Please read this complaint as I wish I would have before going with this company
In February 2015 I decided to seek help from solid ground financial to help with my overwhelming payday loan debt. At first the person I initially spoke with (emannuel) was incredibly helpful and made it seem as if they would be able to help me very much and that this would be my best option. I enrolled that day and a monthly payment of $677 was established for 19 months. This amount was already a stressor on my finances but I knew I had created this mess for myself and needed to get out of the payday loan cycle. In early March, a man named Pedro (person handling negotiations with my creditors) contacted me stating he needed another $1500 to settle an account as they weren't going to have enough obey to settle with a specific company in time. After much thought I agreed and deposited $1500 into my program on top of the $677 I had already paid to get the program started. About one week later Pedro contacted me again stating he would need another $800 to settle with another creditor as they were about to take me to collection and he wanted to stop that for me. Please keep in mind that k had already paid over $2000 into this program. This was a huge red flag for me and I questioned this very much. I logged into my Global account (account which handles the funds for solid ground financial) to find out where all the money was going and I was still receiving several phone calls a day from creditors stating they had not received any payments. Much to my concern I realized that large amount of the money I had already deposited was going to feels to solid ground financial. A "debt briefcase" fee was taken out of my funds in the amount of $450 as well several other debt settlement fees and processing fees. I only found two payments to my creditors. Upon realizing this I decided this company was not a good fit for me and I cancelled my program at the end of March. Upon canceling I never hea d from Pedro again. He would never respond to emails or phone calls regarding questions I had. I would call the company directly and be on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes before finally being hung up on. I did finally get through to someone and a refund was issued back to be in the amount of $1912. However I discussed in great detail the debt briefcase with a person named Neyako and expressed my concern with this as I felt if I sent this product back I should be entitled to a refund for that as well. Please not the "debt briefcase" is essentially a card board box with flyers in it. Neyako agreed that if I returned the debt briefcase and provided a tracking number to him once I sent it they would provide me a refund in the amount of $342. I mailed the debt briefcase back on April 24th and have yet to receive a check for $342. Neyako has not returned any of my emails or phone calls regarding this issue. I was finally able to speak to someone on April 30th and was given several different amounts in which my refund would be for the debt briefcase but not one of these amounts were the amount promised by Neyako. Finally upon speaking with a woman named Christina I was informed that they had found the email exchange between Neyako and I promised $342 and she stated the check would be mailed out that day. Still no check. I contacted this company again today and was told that they had an issue with their post office and another check would be mailed out today for $300. This company is incredibly shady and charge a ridiculous amount of fees. They do not follow through on things they promise and they are incredibly unprofessional. I wish I would have listened to my gut feeling before enrolling with this company and I hope that anyone who is considering this company will read this complaint. They are very dishonest and will make grand promises that they can't deliver on. I will be fighting them to get the entire $342 as promised as I feel that is the right thing for them to do.

Desired Settlement
I am expecting a refund in the amount of $342 as soon as possible.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ***** CFO
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***********
Hello Ms. *******, We are writing you in reference to your complaint. We did speak over the phone and it was resolved, but according to the BBB code of ethics we still have to respond.

After speaking with you last week we did identify the problem and we did process your refund. When we reviewed the account and we did notice that the employee that was processing your refund is no longer with the company. In fact your refund was approved at the amount you discussed with her. She was not here to finalize your refund. Once is was escalated to management attention we processed refund of 342.00 plus 18.00 for your shipping for a total of 360.00 The 1912.00 was processed on your cancellation. When we spoke this was already processed but I wanted to address. I do appreciate your time, you are very pleasant to work with! If you need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to call me. X-XXX-XXX-XXXX Ext ***
***** *****

Consumer Response
After filing this complaint a person named ***** reached out to me and assured me that this would be taken care of as soon as possible. He was by far the most professional person I have ever dealt with during my dealings with this company. As of today I have received a total refund in the amount of $360.00. The original $342.00 which I was promised as well as an additional $18.00 to cover the cost of returning the "debt briefcase". I feel that ***** handled this situation incredibly well and feel very thankful that he took over and made this right.

12/30/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Solid Ground Financial failed to provide me with all requested information regarding my account.
I started my account with Solid Ground Financial in September of 2014. I first sent all my necessary information to them and they immediately started working on my case. I was pleased to finally be getting help with some bad decisions I made with Pay Day Loans. At first, they were very responsive and willing to look into my situation and provide me with budget assistance. The initial payment did not go through my bank because they were trying to take money out of my savings instead of checkings account. I had changed my bank account that I wanted them to withdraw from and instead of checking to see if I wanted the money taken out of my savings or checking account since I did not check the box, they thought this account should be savings also and I received two insufficient funds fees from my bank in the amount of $35 each. I contacted Solid Ground and they stated they would not refund this. I did not question it and authorized them to take the payment out of my checking. I then, went to them with questions regarding my monthly fees in the beginning of November because the payment was too high for my monthly budget. They lowered my payment after me saying I wanted to cancel my agreement and I decided to stay. I decided to cancel my agreement because the payment was not working with my monthly budget. I spoke to a rep who stated that I should just write an email and go from there. I sent this email and never heard back regarding my account. No one called or emailed to let me know that my account was cancelled. Finally on December 01, 2014 I followed up and spoke to a rep who sent me a Global Statement because I had questions regarding receiving a refund. I looked over my statement and asked about the CCB fee that I was charged. I never heard back.

I first sent my cancellation notice on November 17, 2014. I did not hear back and followed up on December 01, 2014 and still have not heard back.

Out of all accounts that I provided on my paper work, I only received information on one settlement that was reached. The other settlement said to be reached, I never received documentation on. I also received my financial kit as talked about on the phone, I am not sure how much that cost.

I deposited $830.00 into my Global account and only 99.00 of it actually went to paying off my creditors.

Desired Settlement
I would like to know how much the financial kit was, what the CCB fee is and why I did not receive a refund for services.

I believe that I should be refunded for services because Solid Ground Financial did not keep up communication with me when settlements were reached. They would tell me they were reached but did not provide documentation. I also feel I should be refunded because they did not make payment toward my debt besides the $99.00 out of the $830.00 I put into this service.

Business Response
Hello Ms ****.

I want to apologize for the miss understanding and I will be handling your case for you until completion. After we spoke this morning we have refunded your NSF Fees as discussed and agreed. We also are in receipt of your CCB and that was processed today. I have set your payments for 220.00 on the 9th of every month as discussed. Im glad I can be assistance for you and helping you resolve your concerns and able to continue the program. Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me by email and by phone at anytime.

Have a great holiday !!
Merry Xmas

11/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They told me one thing via email and then denied it.I sent the email correspondence to back up what I was told.To date it has not been acknowledged.
On Oct 11, 2012 I received the documents, however i was confused because in our telephone conversation i was told that a Consumer Credit Briefcase valued at $845.00 was free and i would not be paying for it. I sent an email that day and asked ***** ******** about it (I still have the email).

His response was "Yes this is covered by the cost of the program we are currently working with legal to get the wording changed on this document. This is not an additional charge. Please complete and send back"

Which my response was "okay I have signed with the understanding that the program cost is 15% of my total debt and the $845.oo will not be charged to me for the Consumer Credit Briefcase. Please confirm that by email".

Which he replied "I am confirming the below statement is true" after i sent another email asking for confirmation.

Everything went semi smoothly until the last payment was negotiated with my last creditor. I sent numerous email outlining the payments I had made and what was paid out and the balance on the account. No one would ever confirm my balance and then I was told I owed the $845.00 dollars. I sent all the email correspondence to both ***** in March and to ******* **** in September. I was also contacted by a Neyako in their negotiation services. I have yet to have a response from her either.

They have continually ignored my emails and the one creditor left is calling because they want their money.

However, i refuse to send them anymore money until this $845.00 is taken care of. Once i could not get a response from them regarding this issue i stopped payments. There was one payment left and i stopped it.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund of the remaining money they have of mine, less their 15% negotiated fee.

Paid in by me $2,280.00. Payments made by Solid Ground $1,452.00. 15% of this amount is $217.00. Solid Ground has $828.00 of my money. I want a refund of $611.00.

I will negotiate the remaining creditor myself. Please see below for a breakdown of Paid In/Paid Out.

Payments made to your firm:
$840.00 - Nov
$240.00 - Dec (I paid 600 myself to advance America)
$600.00 - Jan
$600.00 - Feb
$2280.00 Total Paid In

Payments Paid out:
$400.00 Paid to me for Advance America (I paid 600 of it myself)
$100.00 My Next Day Cash
$340.00 White Hills Cash
$612.00 United cash loans
$1,452.00 Total Paid out

Business Response
We would like to extend our apologizes for your experience with Solid Ground Financial. A similar matter was brought to our attention a while back; it was also one of ***** ********** clients. Due to it he is no longer employed with the company. Due to your inconvenience will be issuing a refund check to you for $611.00 as requested. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext ****

***** *****
CFO at Solid Ground Financial

10/11/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Chose to discontinue participation in their program, they said they would quickly refund and have received numerous excuses to delay refund.
Completed the payday consolidation program and had funds left over due to a discrepency. Kept receiving excuses for delaying the refund. During such a conversation with ******* (my debt counselor) I inquired into the student loan program. She connected me with ******** ***** that talked to me about the program. I was waiting on the refund from the previous program before I would proceed with the new program and ******** was able to get the refund processed. I was to begin the student loan debt program on 09/13/13 but I felt uneasy about some of the paperwork as well as questions that went unanswered via email. I called ******** on 09/12/12 to cancel the new program plans and since the funds were to electronically withdraw from my bank account on 09/13, wanted to cancel as soon as possible. She informed me that it may be too late to cancel the funds withdrawal and they would have to process a refund. I contacted my bank and moved funds so that I would incur a "nsf" rather than it be paid. I also emailed ******** my request to withdraw from the program and to not withdraw the funds. Unfortunately, the $400.00 withdrawal paid anyway. I contacted ******** on 09/16/13, she stated that the payment did not process and was marked nsf. I told her that I confirmed with my bank that it did pay, she said I would have to call back the next day to see if their records changed. I called ******** on 09/17, she stated that it appeared the payment did process but that I would have to wait until the next day after 4:00 p.m. eastern to be sure the payment truly cleared. I called on 09/18 and she stated the payment did clear and placed me on hold. Her manager, ***** ********, picked up the line and then began to "chastise" me for changing my mind about participation in the program and tell me how they "stuck their neck" out to process my paperwork without the payment and that I was going to get him into trouble with his manager for doing me "a favor". I informed Mr. ******** that I did not ask for any special favors or to be processed before payment and had I known that this was being done for me, I would have requested that they wait. Mr. ******** then states that they only processed my previous refund balance from my completed payday loan program because they believed that I was going to use those funds to start this program. I never stated that those funds were going to be used for this program but I had grown concerned over their refund process and if I kept experiencing a delay in the amount previously owed to me, I would have to wonder about the legitimacy of their practices and had not planned to continue with the student loan debt consolidation program. Mr. ******** then stated that it would take another 10 business days before they would get the refund back to my account. I'm still counting the days and have filed a claim with my bank. This situation makes me very nervous as this company has much of my personal as well as my banking information and they are not quite as helpful when you're no longer their client.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking refund of the $400.00 that they removed from my account and the nsf fee of $70 which I have received from my bank. This $70 fee represents the $35 charge for the initial withdrawal as well as the $35 fee for another transaction which their withdrawal affected.

Business Response
I was most concerned to receive your complaint on 9/20/2013 regarding your refund and experience with our company, Solid Ground Financial.

I appreciate how frustrating it is to go through a refund process but there are rules for bank processing and structure for transactions that need to be followed to insure satisfaction for both client and company, which we strive to adhere to at all times. Protecting the sense of security of our clients is our highest priority.
Our company aims to consistently deliver a professional service to our customers and I would like to state that on this occasion the level of service you received was unacceptable.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and that you will have no further cause for any complaint in relation to our service.
I apologize for the annoyance that this may have caused to you for this was out of our control. The $400.00 dollars were refunded to your bank as discussed. As a onetime courtesy we will refund you the $70.00 dollars by check.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank You.

***** *****

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do appreciate the responce from ***** ***** of Solid Ground Financial and I have to report that I have received the $400.00 refund directly to my checking account as of this date. I have not yet received the $70.00 check via U.S. mail from them yet which is why I cannot completely accept the response from the business as satisfying me completely. As soon as I receive the $70.00 check, I can update my response to that of complete acceptance. Thank you.

Final Business Response
Dear Customer -

Thank you for your response. I have spoken to accounting and your $70.00 Nonsufficient Fund fee refund will be processed today. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Thank You,

***** *****

09/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Solid Ground entered into an agreement with me to clear up the PayDay Loans I had. I paid $375.00 per month and to date NOTHING has been Done.
I paid @ $1875.00 to Solid Ground Financial and Negotiated Credit Services. I contacted both parties numerous time, inquiring about what was being done. If I received a return call, 85% of the time I did not, I was told they were working on it or I had to call Customer Service, which I did. The response was the same or they said they would check and get back with me. I NEVER received a call from Customer Service....ever.
I sent a Certified Letter to Both parties, at the address listed on their Web site, 31 July 2013. I requested a FULL accounting of everything done, paid, or contacted. The letter was RETURNED to me as UNDELIVERABLE. 12 August 2013. I have the letter & envelope, in hand. The letter also stated I was terminating their services for lack of contact on their part and not answering ANY of my Requests for Information. Neither Solid Ground nor NCS EVER assigned me an Account Number. ALL payments were withdrawn fro my Checking Account by the afore mentioned parties. My original Account Contact was ****** ******* at Ext: ****

Desired Settlement
I Require a TOTAL ACCOUNTING of ALL Funds: How they were used, who and which PayDay Loans were paid, if ANY and when. Since they DID NOTHING, I want a Cash Refund for what I paid for and did NOT get.
I also Require a WRITTEN APOLOGY for NOT Doing as they Advertised!

Business' Initial Response
First and foremost I would like to extend my apologies for your recent experience with Solid thound Financial. We strive for customer service excellence, and were making it better every day.
I looked over your account and the 1875.00 figure that you mentioned you made to us in payments is in accurate. You made a total of 6 payments. Three of those payments came back insufficient funds. Your last payment that cleared to your account was 05/03/2013. Your payment schedule is as follows.
375.00 03/01/2013 Cleared 375.00 04/03/2013 Cleared 375.00 05/03/2013 Cleared 375.00 06/03/2013 NSF
375.00 07/03/2013 NV
375.00 08/03/2013 NSF
Your total payments to the program were 1125.00 of which, 225.62 was sent back to you VIA ACH. 360.00 were sent to your creditors also... I've attached your complete account history ledger to this letter.
Again, I would like to apologize on behalf of SGF. We have been in business for over 6 years and counting. If you ever need anything at all please feel free to reach me... X-XXX-XXX-XXXX Ext ****
***** *****

08/10/2015Advertising / Sales Issues
03/10/2015Problems with Product / Service

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