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Ferco Motors Corp.

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Problems with Product / Service4
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04/01/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They knowingly sold me a defective vehicle.
I purchased a vehicle on 12/06/15 and I started to have problems with the truck on 12/07/15. I brought the truck back to the dealer and told them I had problems with the check engine light coming on and they told me they knew about that. When I left the check engine was not on and they said to bring the truck in they had me waiting there for 3 hours. They have been giving me the run around for 30 days which was the amount of time listed for my warranty to expire on 01/06//16. Within the 30 days I have been at the dealership for 3 or more hours each time. I am scared to drive the vehicle and they messed up my holidays because I am scared to drive the truck.I have been trying to get the vehicle fixed but the dealership is giving the wrong information about was is really wrong with the truck. I have been taking truck to various mechanics and transmission shops in Miami and they told me the same thing that there is something wrong with the engine and the dealership is trying to tell me that there is something wrong with the transmission. I know that there is something wrong with engine but they are refusing to fix the problem. I had a 30 day warranty on the vehicle and for 30 days they have been giving the run around on purpose knowing that the warranty was going to expire. I have high blood pressure and diabetes and I can not afford to be stressed out but I am. I can't afford to pay for a truck that does not work. They violated the contract by not doing what suppose to be done the truck's engine which was under warranty and now it has expired. The documentation in writing stating that there is something wrong with the engine and everytime I present the paperwork to them they keep telling that what I brought to them was incorrect. And I was also told that I was ripped off on the amount of truck that it is not worth what I am paying for it.

Desired Settlement
I am looking for a replacement, refund or repairs as soon as possible. Because the truck I have is not going to last for the duration of payment contract.

Business Response
Ferco Motors has contacted the customer, ****** *****, to set an appointment in order for us to meet with them to evaluate their vehicle and address their needs as best we can.The meeting with the customer is set for the begging of next week in hopes of resolving the problem at hand. We will follow up this message with another update as soon as the vehicle is reviewed by our specialist.
Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Consumer Response
I would like to thank you for helping getting the dealer to fix my truck at no cost to me. Thank you very much, keep up the good work. There is help available for those to ask for it.

03/30/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have been misled by Ferco motors several times.I am pursuing a refund for the $1,000 deposit I gave them.
On 2/20/15 I saw a 2006 Crown Victoria advertised on the Car Gurus app for 4,500. My friend called the number listed to confirm the car was available.

I test drove the car and felt a bit of hesitation in the car's response when I pressed on the gas. This made me unsure about purchasing the vehicle but I was ensured by Ramon at Ferco Motors that any problems with the car would be fixed if I purchased it.
I agreed to purchase the car for $5,000 because Ferco Motors agreed to run a diagnostic test on the vehicle and fix any codes found in the diagnostic test. That price was also to include the tag transfer fee, a dealer fee, taxes, a new u-joint installed, a new key, 2 door panels installed, and a new battery.
We ran a diagnostic test and found several codes. Code U1059 made me worry in particular which has to do with the transmission of the vehicle. Around that time I also realized that the car horn was not functioning.

I was asked to make a deposit of $1,000 in order to reserve the car and continue the dealership's efforts to fix the codes from the diagnostic test. I asked if there was a way to retrieve my deposit if I felt Ferco was not fulfilling their obligations per our agreement. Ramon assured me that the deposit was refundable. I gave them the deposit in cash.

At 5:45 PM that evening I had to leave dealership because I was told business would be wrapping up soon. I made an appointment with Ramon for 9 AM the following morning.

I arrived at dealership at 8:52 AM and waited until 9:40 AM. Ramon never showed up and never answered his phone while I was there. Other staff members also attempted to reach him unsuccessfully. I requested with Luis at Ferco to receive refund on my deposit. I was instructed to come back on Monday because the person who writes checks was not in on Saturday.
Later that day I met with Ramon to try to save the deal if we could come to terms. We were not able to. Ferco Motors had no keys that functioned to open and lock the car doors. The only key they had was for the ignition. Had I taken the car home I would not have been able to lock the car. I did not feel comfortable finalizing a deal with Ferco because I was not given all that was specified in the agreement between Ferco Motors and I. Instead I was given a lot of run around. Ferco claimed that the codes that were populated by the diagnostic test were not current.Yet the photo that I took of the diagnostic results do show that they are current. They also tried to down play the severity of the codes. They originally agreed to replace the u-joint on the car. Later they gave me excuses saying that they did not think the u-joint needed to be replaced. It became clear that they were backing out of the promises I was given when I agreed to purchase the car.
I notified Ramon that the deal is not finalized and i may still ask for a refund. I instructed him to attempt to sell the car elsewhere if he wanted to.
I was told that I would have no problem retrieving my deposit if I returned to the dealership on Monday 2/23. I spoke with several staff members on that day and they instructed me to come by to pick up my money. When I arrived I was told that the person who writes checks did not come into work that day.

Please help me.It is very difficult for me to adjust my schedule at work in order to visit Ferco during the hours I was asked to, just to be asked to return again the next day. They promised to bring the deposit to my home on 9/24 but I no longer trust them. I feel that this will just be another promise that Ferco motors will not keep. I would be happy to update you tomorrow. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
-**** *****

Desired Settlement
I am asking for a full refund of the $1,000 I gave them in good faith in order to reserve the car and continue the dealership's efforts to fix the codes from the diagnostic test.

Business Response
To whom it may concern,
Ferco Motors would like to address the complaint submitted by **** *****. Mr. ***** is inquiring over his refund. The refund was taken directly to ****'s home on February 24th where it was received by ***** himself. The check was delivered by one of our employees, since the customer expressed that he would not be able to come to our dealership to pick up his refund check. The check number was XXXXX. The check was also delivered to him two days before the case was opened. For the above reasons, we do not see the validity of this complaint.
Thank you in advance with your assistance on this issue. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly via email or phone.

12/23/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

They used high-pressure tactics, sent harrassing pictures, and I fear about their dishonesty with their credit pulling practices.
They pulled me in the office trying to make a sale and told them on the carfax the car has been in an accident, its got 30,000 miles on it and its 4 years old, they wanted $27,000 for it and wouldn't come down. So I said forget it, so he tells me "you walk out that door, I'm calling another dealer and selling it," and I say well if that's what ya gotta do, do it. Then I said I found two others in plantation, 2011 with 11,000 miles less for the same price, the market is saying they overpriced. So he finalizes and says look I need an answer by the end of today, so I told him 'then if that's what you need I have to pass. This is a large sum of money and I need to think about it." The sales rep started texting me "you like car??? Why no you buy???" and I explained it again. Then they take a picture of them towing the car away, all waving and mocking me. Then he writes back SOLD!! LOL. This is harassament. They also have confidential information of mine that I fear will be used in manners I did not give authorization to do.

Desired Settlement
I want a written apology and phone from the owner, not the manager, the owner apologizing for his employees behavior, and ensuring my credit information is destroyed.

Business Response
This Complaint Is False. To Start : The only sales tactic which was used was pure honesty. Mr. ******* was by no means pulled into the office, he wanted to know his payments and was then asked to come inside and fill a credit application out, which he was more than willing to do. At that point he was given payments based on our incorrect advertised price of $24977. **** was told while sitting in the office that this car had been sold wholesale to another dealer for 1000.00 more, but we were going to leave the advertised price for him since he had come in from Ft. Lauderdale and the dealership/sales manager was going to still give him that price since it was advertised!!! At this point the sales manager explained to **** not to be surprised that the advertised price will be corrected immediately and if he wanted the previous advertised price of XXXXX he would need to let us know before the end of the business day if not it was going to be delivered to the dealership who was purchasing it for a 1000 more. **** Left and began to send the salesperson texts in reference to the vehicle on how it was overpriced and his cousin recommends for him to by a new Nissan 370 versus a 370 nismo (which is a high performance car). **** continued sending text when he arrived to another dealership stating that they were going to get him one from the auction. After not responding to his text he then send s follow up text stating that he would makes us an offer of 18000.00 and for us to by is wrecked 2007 Hyundai Tiburon for 4000. and give us 3000.00 down, and that we are better off taking that offer since the vehicle was just going to sit on our lot. The Salesperson replied that the offer was ridiculous, he was then reminded the car was sold wholesale for 25900 like previously mentioned by his manager and to ask his cousin how much a 2010 nismo was being sold at the auction for. His response was "sure you did, lol" **** proceeded to explain his achievements in his career selling a product which no one was aware of and reaching a gross sales of 20000.00 in 3 months . He then proceeded to state that the reason he was laughing and smiling while he was at the dealership was because according to him everything the sales manager had told him was purely a sales tactic. He suggest that next time we should erase our sales number from our white board. He continued to text the salesperson to "CUT THE TACTICAL AND MAKE HIM A DEAL. I LIKE THE CAR AND YOU GUYS NEED TO MOVE IT. IF YOU GUYS WANT TO BE STUBBORN , THEN THATS FINE TOO. I'M IN NO HURRY AND IT CAN JUST SIT THERE ALL MONTH LONG. DEAL HONESTLY WITH ME AND I DEAL HONESTLY WITH YOU". The sales person responded the car will be leaving in about a half an hour , if he truly wants a nismo he has about a half an hour . If he wants it great if not that's also fine, no hard feelings, if he doesn't think were being honest than take his chances and to start looking for a 370 since nismos are few and far between , but no hard feelings either way. he responded he will pass and he found was looking at 2 more already.Salesperson responded "ok" He continued to text the salesperson that he found another one, the salesperson responded great go ahead and buy it , then see if its a real nismo lol. He was referred to go to Autotrader, car gurus and any other website he would like to go to to compare. He was then asked again if he wanted the car and if he wanted to make a deal. He said yes but did not want to pay that price with n accident reported to carfax, and that it being a nismo made no difference to him, and that the the other dealer gave him a rate of 2% less than what we gave him (which was a 4.9% interest rate) and that nothing about the deal was any good, and that he would cringe every time he would need to make a payment because he was an idiot and he had just drove another one but it was silver and he would rather have one in white . " I would rather wait for these guys to find one for me at auction for me for 14000 and sell to me for 18000 , they said that was very doable." stated **** Rodasta. My salesperson then sent a picture with the vehicle on the tow truck as it was leaving the dealership. stating that it was sold and he would try to find him another 370 and we don't lie. **** Proceeds to text " HOW ABOUT ALL THREE OF YOU TAKE EACH OTHERS HANDS AND FIST EACH OTHER ? learn how TO TREAT A CUSTOMER YOU LOW CLASS PIECES OF ****". " BY THE WAY THIS CONVERSATION IS GOING TO GO ONTO THE INTERNET" THE SALESPERSON RESPONDED " U MIGHT HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD THE PICTURE WAS TO SHOW U WE WEREN'T BEING DISHONEST .YOU WERE UNDER THE IMPRESSION WE WEREN'T HONEST AND WE HAVE BEEN FROM THE VERY BEGINNING . NOT EVERY CAR DEALERSHIP IS DISHONEST. **** CONTINUED AND WROTE WERE WERE MOCKING HIM AND THE PICTURE WAS BEING PASSED AROUND ON FACEBOOK AND HE WOULD" MAKE YOU IDIOTS PAY DEARLY FOR THIS , JUST WAIT TILL TOMORROW WHEN I START MAKING PHONE CALLS YOU THREE IDIOTS ARE GOING TO LEARN A DEAR, DEAL LESSON IN CUSTOMER SERVICE" @ 10.00PM

As far as credit pulling etc. we have a signed credit app and have never and will never do any questionable acts.

**** *********

03/21/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Ferco Motors Intentionally lied about the condition of a vehicle I purchased. Has accident & $4K In repairs needed. No solution
Ferco Motors Intentionally lied about the condition of a vehicle I purchased. A 2008 Audi A4 Convertible - 47K Miles. Claimed that car was in GREAT and PERFECT CONDITION and accident free. ALL LIES. I received the car via transport, here in Texas. The minute I got it, convertible top doesn't work, engine is about to give out, accident, dents, front end bounces, 10 broken pieces inside, on key missing, no mats. ALL OF WHICH I was told was false. NOT One of those items was mentioned. Was told key, mats existed. Car feels like it has 147K Miles, not 47K. Was charged a $650 "Dealer Fee". Now AFTER 3+ MONTHS - AFTER hundreds of texts, emails, phone calls with Luis, Mario, Eric, Ramon and BBB Complaints and 20+ Promises from Ferco, NO SOLUTION. They want to sell me a another Car in trade, charge a new "dealer Fee", me to pay another transport fee and a car w/ 90K MILES on it! HAVE LIED 3+MONTHS IN SAYING they will find a car ASAP!!! Liars, thieves, unethical & greedy. THIS IS A perfect example of why Used Car dealers get a bad reputation. I need advice on seeking an attorney to get all of my expenses back, car taken back, full price refunded and money for frustration and time. They need to be investigated and fined for fraud, deception and theft via the illegal dealer fee as well.

Desired Settlement
Ferco Motors needs to be investigated for fraudulent sales practices and illegal dealer fees.

Business Response
To whom it may concern:
Our attorney has attempted to contact Mr. ****** on multiple occasions to no avail. She has been unable to sustain communication with Mr. ****** in order to reach an agreement. The Better Business Bureau has been copied on all communications between our attorney and the customer all of which are readily available to be attached and sent in in conjunction to this response from February 10th, February 12th, and as recently as last week.
Please feel free to reach out to us in regards to any further necessary details in order to properly resolve and conclude this case.

06/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

After completing the purchase of my vehicle, communication and delivery of services has been extremely poor and incomplete.
I purchased a 2009 white VW Passat from Ferco Motors on February 13th 2015 and went through the process with a salesman who goes by Ramon. I was actually cutting time close because I did have to go to work in about 3 hours and wasn't expecting to actually find something but I did. I admit it was a little rushed but everything seemed to be going smoothly. The car had an issue with the headliner and I was told to bring it back the following Tuesday, February 18th, to have it repaired. I let ***** know that I had the windows tinted over the weekend and the rear passenger window didn't go down and there was a screw on the inside of the door holding the window up. He said it was fine, that they would check it when I brought the car in the following week. So Tuesday came around and I took the car back to the dealer to have the headliner fixed and have the window checked. The headliner was fixed and they let me that the window needed the motor replaced. ***** knew that I was going to be relocating out of the state within the next 2 weeks and needed this to be finished soon, not only because I'd be relocating, but also because I wanted the window that was messed up to be tinted (I had already paid for it) before me doing leaving the state. This is where all communication and customer service went downhill.
After going back and fourth with ***** via texts and phone calls through Feb 19th-Feb 24th the part finally came in only to find out that now the same windows switch needed to be replaced. This switch ended up being mailed to me in VA after numerous phone calls and text to Ramon because it never came in time before I moved. After telling Ramon I would bring the issue to the BBB it was finally shipped, more than 4 weeks later on March 30th and received the 31st, along with a new temporary tag because the one the car came with when purchased had expired, which left me leaving the car parked for two weeks. This new tag that was sent to me is going to be expiring on April 28th. Knowing the issues with the expired tags and the time and effort it has taken for me to get items in the past, I've been contacting...or trying to contact Ramon about whether my permanent tags have arrived since April 3rd with no response at all to any phone calls or text messages. Even after sending a message to a phone number he had sent me a tracking number from, which ended up being another Ferco Motors employee, *****, who said he would pass along the message...twice, I still have heard nothing back. He even stated today that Ramon knew that I was trying to reach him, but still no call back. I have reached out and asked to speak to management before, but that doesn't seem to help either. I am very easy to work with, and wouldn't normally issue a formal complaint. But I feel that I have been more than reasonable and patient, and my needs and questions have no longer been a priority after signing on the line to purchase the car and making my down payment.

Desired Settlement
I would like my permanent tags. I would like a refund of the tag & titling fees and reimbursement of $135 which is reimbursement of half of my monthly payment for the 2 weeks I was unable to drive the car I pay for.

Business Response
To whom it may concern,
We try to provide our clients with excellent customer service. Unfortunately, neither the customer nor the dealer knew that the rear window was having an issue. When Mr. ***** advised us there was an issue, we immediately ordered the replacement part for him and had it replaced, at no cost, even though the vehicle was sold as is. As a further example, the motor was replaced in order to address another one of the customer's concerns and when it was determined to be a faulty switch, we was also ordered it and sent it to the client. Mr. ***** was in the process of relocating and as soon as the part arrived it was shipped to him.
Due to unforeseen circumstances the title for the vehicle was lost in transit and a new/duplicate title was needed. Mr. ***** has had a temporary registration/tag at no expense to him since he's had the vehicle. Once the new title was received we promptly proceeded with the title transfer and the issuance of the permanent tag.

07/15/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a 2001 Bentley on E-Bay...and were told it was in pristine condition.

In the first month we had over $5,000 in repair and towing bills
We purchased this car through e-bay...And we were told that is was in pristine condition.....
After only driving it approx. 400 miles, the transmission had to be replaced....there were numerous leaks in the motor, and there was even a plastic bag hanging around the tail pipe...which caused a burning smell.

I believe this car had been tampered with...on purpose. Seems like it was taken apart, and then not put back together right.

We were not able to drive the car for several months, because it was in and out of repair shops...
We have been asking for a credit on our American Express bill, in order to pay for some of these repairs.
We cannot get the manager, ****** ********* to answer our calls.
Caris a 2001 Bentley, purchased in Sept. 2013.

Desired Settlement
To be given credit on American Express to pay for part of the repairs on the car which we incurred in the first month of owning it...Our expenses were approx. $7,000.

Business Response
This Client Was sold this 2001 Bentley arnage with 65100 miles, as is, via ebay, and was made clear of this. The client states we purposely tampered with the vehicle, Which was never done. The client also stated they had 4000 in repairs. in the repair bill which was submitted clearly shows the bills are dated 3 months after they received the vehicle and they had driven the vehicle either -99 miles or over 1600 miles in that time span. The client has submitted this claim now to every available agency i.e. North Carolina DMV (twice), American Express(twice), BBB, etc.) The client stated that there was a burning smell from the tail pipe due to a plastic bag, which could have been caught while they drove the vehicle at any time or even when it was transported to them. They also claimed that they were not able to drive the vehicle for several months but they submitted receipts to the state of North Carolina that the work was done in Philadelphia 12/28/13 then back in NC on 01/25/14 , even though the vehicle had been shipped to North Carolina. American Express and north Carolina denied there claim more than once since there was no validity to the claim. In previous complaints she stated that **** had misrepresented the vehicle to her and had lied . **** Had never spoken to her during the transaction, His wife only spoke to luis 8 months after the purchase at which time he was going to verify the details of the transaction, the following day she submitted a claim to Amex to refund her charge. All receipts which they submitted to north Carolina were over 90 days after they had purchased the vehicle., in addition the mileage on one of the receipts shows even less than what the vehicle was sold with. I do not want to believe they are committing fraud, but that its buyers remorse.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We are not making statements that are not true...
We spoke to the manager (at the time), Lester...before we sent the final payment for the car.

He assured us that the car was in pristine condition. And we believed him. If we had gone to Miami to pick up the car, we would not have made it home.
We did not recieve the title for several weeks after we received the car, and it was leaking oil all over our garage from the moment we parked it on the day it was received.
That's the reason we believe that the car was tampered with.
Also , they know that the car was shipped to us in a covered the plastic bag was put in the tail pipe at the dealership.

We have had much more than $4,000 in expenses to repair this car...The transmission alone was $4,800. The leakes cost several thousand to repair.

We are not commiting fraud....they misrepresented this car intentionally...that is the fraud.

Thanks for your help,
**** ******

ps....everytime we tried to talk to someone...they would not come to the phone...There were seversl ****', a Lester (who was the manager), and others who are not longer there.

03/31/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I purchase a car 17 days ago , paid the down payment plus the insurance. The car was repossessed today, 1st payment is not due yet.
I purchase the vehicle and one week latter I was laid off my employment, the dealer called me requested me to take the car in to put a GPS, I took the car to the dealer and they repo the car and refuse to reinverse my down payment.

Desired Settlement
I want my downpayment back in full, this is a scam, they told me that **************** approved my loan but now they do not want to continue, I found up that***************** and the dealer are the same, they deliverately. Did this sake to scame on me

Business Response
Dear Sirs,

Outlined below are the series of events that transpired in this transaction.

Mr. ******* Purchased The vehicle on 2/21 and knowingly misrepresented his employment as a full time position when it was a temp position ( his Temp termination date was to be 2/28 which was known to only him). After numerous requests to bring in the missing documentation (Bank Statements and to install the GPS as per our lenders guidelines, etc.) Mr. ******* failed to comply. Mr. ******* was to have his suspended license resolved by 2/27. After Mr. ******* continuous and complete disregard for the above mentioned issues/ documentations needed and failure to comply with the spot delivery agreement. Mr, ******* was asked to come in with vehicle so that these issues could be resolved. Mr. ******* Decided to come in and return the car since he was not going to get his license resolved, nor did he have current employment and therefore no ability to repay the loan. After Driving the vehicle over 750 miles in a span of 17 days he voluntarily relinquished the vehicle not as a Repossession as he stated. In addition all Monies paid to us by the client were returned to the client. This Client has misrepresented all factual information and committed fraud on several levels.

This is not the first complaint Mr. ******* has filed. He first went to the Division Of Motor Vehicle and his case was dimissed on no merit and now he is writing to you.

I think ii is safe to assume he will continue his course to obtain some monetary compensation which is not owed to him. The reason I state this is because Mr. ******* informed The Division of Motor Vehicle he had given 1,500 as down payment when in reality he had only given 1,300 and had a 200 pending balance with us.

If you should need additional infnormation or we may be of further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.


**** *********

General Sales Manager


02/08/2016Guarantee / Warranty Issues

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.