Top Scams Targeting Seniors

 Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams

You receive a check and letter announcing you have won a large sum of money. The letter tells you to deposit the check and wire funds in the same amount to cover fees, insurance and taxes. Ultimately, the check is counterfeit and the money you send is lost.

  • Avoid wiring money to someone who awards you with something too good to be true, and never pay money to accept a prize.

Grandparent Scam

Senior citizens are being targeted by callers claiming to be their grandchild. The caller often claims to have gotten into a predicament in a different state, and asks you to wire money to them to post bail or pay for damages. The money ultimately goes to a scam artist, and you are out possibly thousands of dollars.

  • Verify that you are truly speaking with your grandchild by asking questions only they could answer, and contact your grandchild’s parents to find out their whereabouts before trusting the caller.

Home Repair Fraud

A person comes to your door and claims to be a repair expert. He tells you that he noticed your home, usually your roof or driveway, needs a repair and he can offer you a great deal. In the end, you could end up the victim for a job you didn’t need at all.

  • Trust your instincts. If the “expert” uses high pressure sales tactics or you feel intimidated, turn them away.
  • Never pay the cost of a job upfront.
  • If you are unsure if your home truly needs a repair, contact a BBB Accredited contractor for an estimate at