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Increasing your sales doesn’t always have to mean spending money. Take a look at what is already working for you, and find ways to build on those successful elements. The Direct Selling Education Founda..
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If you are like most people, the thought of speaking in public strikes fear in your heart. No worries; you can overcome your fear of public speaking.
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Consumers aren’t the only victims of fraud. Every year, thousands of small businesses are targets of fraudulent or deceptive sales practices. Protect your business from scams by learning what to look ou..
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No matter what your business, you need two things: a happy, loyal customer base and a steady stream of new prospects. The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DESF) offers some great suggestions in its ..
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Better Business Bureau offers answers to the following frequently asked questions on what happens to a policy-holder’s coverage if their insurance company goes out of business.
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Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are popping up everywhere. These codes are the fastest way to get tech-savvy customers to your website. BBB offers some “quick” tips for businesses consideri..
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Mobile marketing is an effective way for small business owners to tap into a younger customer base. Better Business Bureau recommends owners check out the potential in geo-location apps like Foursquare ..
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