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Fidelity Alert Hits Inboxes; It’s a Trojan … Don’t Open
September 12, 2012

Fidelity Alerts ... the title is for anyone who has an investment with Fidelity investments, but truth is, this fidelity alert provides anything but  trustworthiness.

The address is from Fidelity Alerts <> while the official Fidelity Investment is http:// The message appears to be written from Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC.

When you open this email you can expect to download a bunch of trouble. This has a Trojan malware on it that will capture your information and transfer it to a computer in Canada. Don't fall for it.
It asks for you login information. Once you provide it, they can enter it into the official website and manipulate or steal you account.

BBB advises consumers to follow these tips to protect their computer from malware:

Research before you click. Before clicking on an unknown popup or email, take the time to research the company on your own to assure it’s a reputable email, company or website.

• Don’t believe the message. To persuade you to launch a virus-laden link or give your personal information, virus authors must earn your trust. They try to carry out this by composing convincing-looking messages that entice consumers to click the advertisement.

• Protect your personal information. Don’t provide your personal information or credit card information to an unknown company or website. If you’re thinking of purchasing something from a website, there are various icons and software programs that show that security software is in place, such as “https” instead of “http” or a padlock icon will show at the bottom of the screen.

Protect your computer. Installing updates to your operating system can be done for free by enabling the option on your computer’s security center. Keep all anti-virus software up to date and make sure all security patches and updates are installed for programs that access the Internet.