Wal-Mart Rewards Card Part of Phishing Scam

August 29, 2012

A series of late night text messages received on cellular phones throughout the region have people calling BBB to verify if they are real.

    Walmart officials state the messages, which offer free Walmart gift cards to consumers are fraudulent and recipients should not click through.

    BBB has received several calls already this morning from individuals who report receiving text messages in the middle of the night.

     "This is a phishing scam and has no connection or affiliation to the company," says Robb Hicken, chief storyteller for the BBB. "If you go to the website to signup for your gift card, it takes you to a site that asks for your personal information."

     In addition, BBB has had reports of  request for credit card information to pay for shipping and handling fees.

     BBB advises do not go to the site, click through any links or give out information.

     Walmart will never initiate a phone call or text message that asks for sensitive personal data like credit card information or social security numbers.


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