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Benefits of Accreditation
Consumers Trust Better Business Bureau Members

(A message from our BBB President regarding Benefits of BBB Accreditation)
  • Is a public confirmation of your business integrity.

  • Allows your company to display BBB membership materials, including a plaque and decal, which proudly identifies your firm as a BBB member.

  • Provides you with participation in programs that offer pre-approved use of BBB logos and seals in advertising, such as BBBOnLine, and the BBB Membership Identification Program.

  • Provides business reliability reports that identify you to the public as a BBB member, confirming your good reputation. Such reports also provide information on member and non-member business alike, alerting you to any consumer complaint histories, law enforcement actions, and advertising practices.

  • Provides listing in printed and online member rosters and opportunities to participate in BBB co-op advertisements and to sponsor websites, publications and events.

  • Shows the community that you are taking an active role in the promotion of ethical business practices.

  • Offers a direct member only phone line dedicated to prompt service for our members.

  • Provides complaint assistance to provide for prompt notification of customer disputes and mediation services.

  • Offers customized seminars and workshops developed to meet your specific training needs as well as information brochures to educate your employees or customers about important issues.