How to file a complaint with BBB EU Safe Harbor


Your complaint must concern a company that is a participating business in the BBB EU Safe Harbor Program. For your complaint to be accepted:

  • You must already have made a good faith attempt to resolve the complaint directly with the participating business


  • Your complaint must allege that the participating business has violated the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles with respect to your own personal data or the person al data of a child under 13 of whom you are the parent or guardian.

We will review all eligible complaints and will help you and the participating business reach a resolution as described in our rules.
A participating business must comply with BBB EU Safe Harbor’s final determination of any dispute. However, participating in our dispute resolution process will not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

Please contact us if you have any questions prior to filing a complaint.

You may file a complaint online or by mail using following the address:

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
BBB EU Safe Harbor 
3033 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201