Has BBB sent a Customer your way?

December 17, 2012

What is Request a Quote?

Request a Quote is a free service provided by your BBB to help drive consumers to businesses they can trust: YOU!!

This is a tremendous resource available only to our BBB Accredited Businesses. The only requirement is that you provide the BBB with a working e-mail address that you check regularly so that any requests from consumers may be sent to you.

How Does it Work?

When a consumer is looking for a reputable business in any industry, they can go to the BBB website www.shreveport.bbb.org. and click on the Request a Quote link. From there, they can enter the name of one specific business and zip code or the business category within a location or distance. According to the parameters chosen by the consumer within the search, the customer will then be provided with a list of BBB Accredited Businesses to choose to contact for an estimate, proposal or general information. The consumer is asked to provide general contact information, best times to be contacted and a description of the product or service needed. The consumer may choose to send the request to only your business, or to multiple businesses within their search. If a consumer is requesting a quote from only your business, you will then receive an email directly from the consumer which you may then respond to. If a consumer choose to receive quotes from multiple businesses, each of those businesses will receive the email from that consumer.

The Request a Quote feature is also found on your company’s Business Review. Consumers can request a quote from you directly from your Business Review.

Only BBB Accredited Businesses can participate in the Request a Quote program. There are many good businesses in Central Louisiana and the Ark-La-Tex, but only those who meet all of BBB’s time-tested Standards For Trust as BBB Accredited Businesses can participate in the Request a Quote program.

Remember that this program only works if you have provided the BBB with a working e-mail address. If you haven’t already done so, please send us your business email address.

This program is just one more way we’re working for you, helping link consumers to trustworthy businesses -- our BBB Accredited Businesses!