Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2009
Merry Christmas!
‘Twas the night after Christmas and back at his house
In his slippers and robe Santa sat with his spouse;
“And how went your journey, Santa dear?” she inquired.
Said Santa "Just beautifully – but boy, am I tired!”
“But think of the joy o’er the world that you spread! 
 All that happiness is due just to you,” she said.
“Not entirely, my dear – more credit is due
To the retail merchants and their sales people, too!”
What would folks do if there were not the store?
Always ready to serve you, with a wide open door
Offering thousands of items from pianos to candy,
Furniture, clothing and appliances handy.
“The client, they know, is invariably right
Their advertised goods are plainly in sight
Brand names you recognize of quality fine
Their prices are marked on each counter sign.
“These are reputable merchants, in business for years;
Their integrity is proven, and calmed are your fears.
They warrant their products, make good every error
Removing from shopping all woe and all terror.
“They vow satisfaction, their ethics are high
To serve you much better these good merchants vie;
And a courteous staff, both men and girls,
Eager to serve you with pots, pans or pearls.
Their goods are gathered from all parts of the earth
Of selection and sizes there is never a dearth;
Large or small every store is a house full of treasure
Designed just for you to make shopping a pleasure.
“So do not give me credit for this joyous Noel.
Bouquets to the merchants and their sales personnel!
They work and they serve by the old Golden Rule
To make for us all this unforgettable Yule!”

Author Unknown