Three National Charities Ask BBB Wise Giving Alliance for Help

December 17, 2008
Three national charities, United Way of America, American Cancer Society and Feeding America (formerly know as America’s Second Harvest) have a significant number of local affiliates across the country, many of which are located in BBB service areas where there is no local charity review program. All of these organizations have approached the BBB Wise Giving Alliance for assistance in having such local affiliates evaluated, especially those in major metropolitan areas. We believe this is an exciting opportunity both to help potential donors and strengthen charity accountability in currently unserved communities.

As a result, early in 2009, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance plans to help out by evaluating and reporting on some of the local affiliates of these three charities in cases where the affiliate is in a BBB service area where there is no BBB local charity review program. No decision has yet been made about which of these local affiliates the
Alliance will review. If the affiliate is in a service area that has an active BBB local charity review program, we will encourage the local BBB to evaluate that affiliate if a report is not already available. We will contact BBBs that do not review charities but that serve areas where we expect to evaluate a local affiliate of one of these three national charities.

Please contact Art Taylor, President, BBB Wise Giving Alliance ( or Bennett Weiner, Chief Operating Officer ( if you have any questions or comments about this initiative. Please note this effort will only involve the local affiliates of the three national charities mentioned above. If in the future other national charities with affiliates indicate interest in a similar arrangement, we will inform the system.