Tips For Hiring a Moving Company This Fall

August 15, 2014

As August begins, so does the school season, which is dreaded by teenagers and their parents alike. While students may stress over their first year at a new school or the thought of midterms and finals, parents have a whole other level of pressure (besides payment for textbooks, classes and supplies) when it comes times to moving their child into their new dorm, apartment or house.

In order to ensure that the moving process is as easy and stress-free as possible this fall semester, BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties has tips for local students and their families:

Ask for a contract. A moving contract is necessary as it is able to tell in detail everything that you will have to pay, and so forth. Remember that if there is no contract, there is no record of the sale, which gives the movers the opportunity to take off with your belongings.

Look at the trucks. If you are thinking of hiring movers, take a look at the trucks and make sure they look clean and well-kept as this may be a good indication of how your furniture will be treated. If the moving company you hired shows up with rental trucks on moving day, it is best to cancel the agreement and demand your deposit back.

Pay little money upfront. Companies typically require a down payment; however, reputable companies do not require you to pay everything upfront. Nevertheless, consumers should make sure any deposit is refundable. When you pay for a deposit, make sure to use a credit card as this might help you combat any fraudulent activity.

Claims process is important. The difference between a good mover and a bad mover often boils down to a solid claims process to make sure you are able to recoup damages when they drop or damage your property. Make sure to ask about the claims process before signing a contract and get the terms and conditions in writing.

Research the company. If you want to hire a moving company, make sure to research the company online and check with your local BBB to see if any complaints against the moving company have been filed. If you have any questions or concerns about a company, give us a call before you sign a contract or open your wallet at 858-496-2131.