Ready, Set, Scam? Beware of Ticketing Scams this Football Season

August 07, 2014

If you're like many San Diegan's (myself included), then last night's preseason win against the Cowboys has you hyped for the upcoming Charger's season.  While some of us hopefuls are already looking ahead to Superbowl 2015, most fans are taking the logical first step and looking into buying either single game and season tickets for the Q this year.  Regardless of whichever camp you fall into, BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties wants to remind you that it's important to be careful when purchasing your football tickets this year.

Here are four tips to ensure that you'll make it into the game with the tickets you purchased and cheer for your team (Go Bolts!) this season:

Be wary of Craigslist. While Craigslist can be a great resource for buying things like furniture, it’s not always the safest place to buy tickets to an event. Scamming someone through a site such as Craigslist is almost too easy; scammers can create believable-looking tickets, post them online, and sell them for what seems like a reasonable price. Even worse: purchasers likely won’t realize the tickets are counterfeit until they’re turned away at the door of the event.

Check out the team’s official ticket exchange. Of course, sometimes the person selling a ticket is legitimate, and for whatever reason can no longer attend the game. Most teams and leagues offer official ticket exchanges for fans to buy and sell tickets securely. Scour these sites first, before turning elsewhere.

Do your research. If you were unable to find the seats you wanted through the official ticket exchange, and are determined to purchase online, be very cautious when it comes to buying tickets. Ask to meet in person and see the tickets. Become familiar with a map of the venue so you can see if the seats match up. If someone you know already has tickets, see if the ones you’re buying match up in paper quality, printing, margins, etc.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This golden rule applies to all scams, especially when it comes to tickets. If you find someone offering tickets at significantly less than face value, you should probably walk away. There are few real reasons a seller would be willing to give you, a stranger, such a great deal.

Regardless of the occasion, especially with football season starting (Go Bolts!) being aware of the many ticketing scams out there is the best first step. If you’ve encountered a ticketing scam, or have questions about whether a claim or offer is legitimate, contact your local BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties at 858-496-2131 or visit