How to Achieve Positive Customer Reviews

July 28, 2014

In today’s day and age, with technology and social media, everything is happening at an incredibly fast pace. People are able to contact family members, share pictures with friends, search for information, or leave a review all in a matter of seconds. Be it through Twitter or Facebook, people are always stating their opinions about something, be it good or bad. So how can business owners satisfy their customers and achieve good customer service, while staying true to their mission? Here are 4 BBB tips:

Make your contact preferences clear: Let customers know how you prefer being contacted. If they’re experiencing issues, let them know when and how they should reach out to you. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or by phone, let the customers know what the best and easiest way to resolve said issue might be. This will help ease your customer’s mind and should lessen the chances of seeming unresponsive.

Become involved with your customers: If you stumble upon a negative review of your company, don’t hesitate and try to become part of the conversation. Let the customer know that you wish to fix things and try offering a way to move forward from this incident. By making replying to bad reviews online, you are ensuring that the customer sees the response, while also increasing your chances of public viewing. Others will notice that you, as a business owner, care about your customers’ opinions. In addition, make sure to respond to negative reviews with humility and courtesy. Listen to what the negative comments said and try to implement them into your business. Make sure to address concerns in a sincere manner and try to avoid being defensive.

Develop an online presence: Proactively use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to build a following you can count on to defend you when certain situations emerge. It’s always better to have someone else defend your brand, than have you acting as the sole defender of your business.

Collect as much customer feedback as possible:  Find ways to constantly collect feedback. Be it by holding focus groups, talking to customers, handing them feedback cards, etc., if you are able to address the customers’ consternation before they leave the establishment, they are less likely to leave negative feedback online.  Once you have heard your customer’s feedback, make sure you use it to improve your business. By applying your customer’s opinions into your business, you demonstrate that your business truly cares about your customers’ opinions. Often, customers simply want their opinions to be heard.