Guest Blog: Background Screening or Not?

July 02, 2014

The question comes up more often than not; why should we screen our applicants?

Further, should we do it ourselves or outsource to a vendor? Are there rules and regulations that govern the process or can I just run someone myself through one of the pay for fee services that pop-up on my computer?

My response is simple; do you value your business, your income, and the reputation that your business has in the community? Do you want to protect that business and your client base? Do you understand every element of the Fair Credit Reporting Act as it relates to every community and State in the nation?

All it takes it one negative event involving an employee and you may never recover; there is a certain outstanding academic/athletic university in Pennsylvania that can attest to the actions of one longstanding employee costing them reputational and financial damage that has potentially buried them for decades.

If you look at it this way I think we can agree the little bit of money you spend today will save you money later. It makes the decision making process that much easier.

Further, The Federal Government realizes that a consistent and compliant background screening process will be a big part of the hiring in the 21st century. Thus, they have taken the FCRA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, added an investigative unit in the form of the CFPB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in an effort to monitor and manage the process throughout the country. They anticipate 1600 agents in the field within the next two years for investigations and even “secret shopper operations” in an effort to make sure that businesses are consistent and compliant.  What was once a system that was business focused has now become about the applicant/consumer.

Finally, there are a group of extremely aggressive litigators who target companies that are either non-compliant or inconsistent in the screening process and practices. They like to file class action suits for clients that have returned millions in judgments.

We know you want to hire the “best and the brightest”. The process can be complicated until we explain it, but is definitely not expensive.

Thus the answer is quite simple; YES, you should definitely do a background check on ANY applicant prior to an offer of employment. The investment will pay big dividends.

We are a full service background screening company with offices in both California and Las Vegas, Nevada. We can explain the process; design packages and pricing to meet your needs, as well as, ensure compliance as defined by the FCRA. It is always about you; never about us.

This article is courtesy of Edward Robusto, President/CEO of Predictive Leadership Solutions LLC, a full service background screening company with offices in both California and Las Vegas, Nevada.