Heartbleed Update: 300,000 web serves still vulnerable

June 23, 2014

Nearly two months after the Heartbleed Virus, security experts are stating that over 300,000 web servers are still vulnerable to attack.  Heartbleed is the name of the massive OpenSSL exploit discovered in April that left huge portions of the web vulnerable.  With the virus, cyber hackers could grab important information from a server, including usernames, passwords and other data that normally would be encrypted.  Before its discovery, the Heartbleed bug had sat dormant, undiscovered for nearly two years.

Within ten days of the bug’s discovery, the top 1,000 sites affected had been properly patched.  However now, months later, there are still a startling number of systems that still need to be updated. 

What should you do?

Better Business Bureau recommends changing your passwords on sites through which you bank, online shop and even email services.  Create unique passwords, use two-step verification when available, and preferable a secure password managers.

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