BBB Benefit Spotlight: Spruce up your Business Review!

June 12, 2014

Summertime is here!  While many of us think to adjust our wardrobe with brighter colors when the warmer weather hits, the San Diego BBB wants to you brighten up your Business Review as well!  Doesn’t miss out on all the free programs and services your Business Review can offer both your company and your potential clients.

Spruce up your Business Review for summer by adding one, two or all of the following features:

  • Photos & Videos:  Liven up your Business Review by adding photos of your office space, staff members, past projects, and more!  You can also add commercials, television interviews, tutorials and other types of videos to your Business Review – all free of charge.  Doing so will give potential clients and customers a more visual insight into who your company is, what you do and what you value.
  • Request-A-Quote:  By adding the Request-A-Quote feature to your Business Review, you are allowing potential customers get in touch with your company much more easily, while you garner leads with little effort.  When clicking on the button from your Business Review, a customer is asked to fill out specifications of the job or service they need completed, as well as their budget and contact information.  When complete, this online form is sent directly to your business, allowing you to proceed with a quote.
  • Coupons:  The BBB coupon program is another way to attract customers to use your company’s services or buy your products, at no cost.  Once you’ve added the coupon, customers can print it directly from your Business Review for future use.  In addition, every Thursday the BBB features a coupon from this program on our social media pages in something called “Thrifty Thursday.”  This coupon is shared with all of our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Job Listings:  By participating in the Job Listings program, your company is able to post an open position directly on your Business Review, as well as have it be searchable by your type of business from our home page.  Either way, doing so affirms potential employees that your business is an ethical, trustworthy business that has aligned themselves with the mission of the BBB.

Brighten up your Business Review by visiting your Business Login Page and adding one, a few or all of these features today!  If you have any questions or need assistance, click here.