Visual Content is Key When Online

May 27, 2014

Content may be king but on social media, visuals are where the money is.  Marketing studies have shown the drastic rise in the power of photo and video over the last ten years with the growth of social media.  Therefore, if you want the likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. that every marketing department is craving, here are a few tips as to what visual content is working online:

1. Your Product: Every brand has something tangible to share, whether it’s a product like your newest solar panels or new offerings on a menu.  Showing is always better than telling – show off your product and all that it offers to your audience.

2. Your Team:  Taking pictures of your staff on a regular basis and sharing them with your customers is a great way to humanize your company and put a face with a name. 

3. Spotlight your Fans:  Everyone (especially on social media) likes attention, especially from someone they admire and respect.  Shine the spotlight on your customers and followers by featuring them on your social media platforms.  Making it about them builds loyalty, generates hype and gives you some great content.

4. Behind-the-Scenes:  Giving your audience something they can’t get anywhere else is pretty powerful stuff.  Posting exclusive photos, a sneak peak reveal of a new product or insight into the planning stages of an event gives them a look at what goes on behind your closed doors and makes them feel special.

5. An Action Shot:  Show your team doing what they do best!  Whether your CEO is speaking at a podium, your team is on a job or you’re receiving an honor at an awards banquet, capture your business in the moment and share it with your audience.

6. In-house graphics:  Creating a graphic or visual, no matter how simple, is a great way to mix up your albums and photo streams.  Make a fun infographic with data from the last month, combine photos and words to make something eye catching or display your logo in a fun way; all of these will increase your engagement and give your audience something new to look at.

7. Be Spontaneous:  One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to connect with your audience in real time.  Share impromptu shots of your office, customers in your store front or shoppers and employees interacting.  What’s happening now is interesting and credible.

8. Keep Video in Mind:  The one thing that can be even more powerful than photo?  Video.  Whether it’s on YouTube, Vine or Instagram, there is an abundance of opportunities for creating original footage on a variety of platforms.  Don’t worry about the video “going viral” and push for one view at a time.

9. Build a Collage:  If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a collage may be priceless.  Use a photo editing tool, such as PicMonkey or PicStich, to piece together a series of related photos.

10. The Power of the Selfie:  While the selfie is a trend most recently made famous by both Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars and David Ortiz at the White House, don’t underestimate the power it may have for your brand.