Guest Blog: Protect Your Home with Window Maintenance

April 17, 2014

High winds and heavy rain damage are projected for Southern California which can leave many residents with hefty home-repair expenses. Many California homeowners are not prepared for these extreme weather conditions.

One way homeowners can protect their homes from deteriorating in unpredictable weather, is through weep hole maintenance. Weep holes are a part of the drainage system of vinyl windows and patio doors. When water does not drain properly to the exterior, it may overflow the sill track to the interior of the structure causing damage.

Wind-driven rain can sometimes penetrate window weather seals and joints. Wind-driven rain can also blow back through the weep holes into the interior of the House. Windows should be selected in accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) “R”-ratings that match window systems with weather conditions found in the geographic location of the House. Exception: even a properly selected window may leak if exposed to extreme wind or rain. During a storm it is not unusual to find that the sill track of the window is filled with water; this condition is acceptable. At the conclusion of the inclement weather (wind and rain), the water will drain out of the track.1

Inspect weep holes for blockage as follows:
• Clean sill track with vacuum or wipe thoroughly with damp cloth
• Pour small amount of water (1 cup) into interior sill track. If water drains out through the exterior weep holes, the system is clear. If not, continue with the following steps to clean
• Insert thin wire into weep hole
• Repeat until water runs clear through exterior weep hole
• If not successful, call The Window Factory for a service technician

Older metal frame and wood windows on the other hand, often have cracks that create leaks. Water entering the window, unable to drain, can infiltrate window seals and walls leading to water-damaged frames and even mold.

To protect homes from damage, licensed architect George Wolfson recommends replacing windows with American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA), R-rated window systems that are explicitly developed to weather (excuse the pun) specific climates and environments.
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