BBB Benefit Spotlight: Job Listings

April 24, 2014

While unemployment here in San Diego has dropped to 7.4 percent (the lowest in the region in the last four years) there’s no denying there are still hundreds looking for work on a daily basis. 

Everyone has their own preferred method of taking on the job hunt: classified ads in the paper, online sites such as Craigslist, job fairs and now even social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.  But are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy way to search for jobs or even fill an open position within your company? 

If so, your BBB offers Accredited Businesses the opportunity to promote job opportunities on the highly-trafficked BBB website! Unlike many popular job listing programs currently on the web, the BBB’s job postings are complimentary to Accredited Businesses and consumers alike.  By promoting your job opportunities for free via our website, your company is encouraging consumer confidence, endorsing your commitment to a trustworthy marketplace and encouraging consumers to align themselves with your mission.  Your job listings are accessible from your Business Review and are searchable through our online directory.

Consumers: How do you know the company you’ve submitted your resume to has your best interest at heart?

If you are looking to make a move in your professional life, visit BBB’s website, click on Programs & Services, and then the Accredited Business Job Listings tab (click here to visit the page now!) From there, you can browse jobs by type of industry, or type in a keyword and zip code in the search bar.  Once you’ve clicked on a posting, you can either directly apply for the job, or view the company’s business review.

Businesses: How can you ensure that your company’s job postings will be aligned with ethics, trust and integrity?

If you would like to promote a job opportunity within your Accredited Business, visit the Business Login page, accessible here.  Once signed into your account, you will see the option to create a Job Listing.  You will be asked to enter in basic information about your business, the job (required experience, salary, hours, etc.) and essential contact information.  Once completed, consumers will be able to both search for the listing through the directory and view the position on your Business Review.

Whether you are looking to make your next career move or hoping to expand your company, BBB’s Accredited Business Job Listings are easy, reliable and safe.  If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please click here or call 858-496-2131. 

If you have any questions about any other BBB services, please call 858-496-2131 or click here.