Two San Diego P.F. Chang's Locations Affected By Security Breach

August 06, 2014

Better Business Bureau serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties is warning local consumers that two of the 33 P.F. Chang's Resturants affected by last month's security breach are in San Diego County.  

Both the Chula Vista and Carlsbad locations of the popular Chinese Bistro's chain have been confirmed to have had credit and debit card information stolen between October 2013 and June 2014.  A complete listing of all 33 locations affected can be found here.  What should you do if you believe your information may have been compromised?  BBB recommends that you follow these steps:

Take notifications of compromised information seriously: If you are notified by the chain that your information may have been leaked, take the notification seriously.   P.F. Chang's has set up a hotline to better assist their guests who have been affected; it is available Monday-Saturday, 8am-8pm CST and can be reached at 877-412-7152.

Change your passwords quickly: Even if you have the slightest suspicion (or have eaten at the resturant in the range mentioned above) please change your credit and debit card account passwords.  When creating a new password, it is important they are at least 10 characters long and contain a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers an symbols.

Cross check receipts and charges: While it may be too late in this case, always keep your receipts from resturant charges on your credit and debit cards.  It's important to cross check what you were billed at the resturant against the charge actually made on your card.

Never provide financial or other confidential information via phone or email: Don't click on links or provide financial/personal information in light of a phone call or email.  After a breach such as this, scammers abound with phishing emails and cold calls trying to collect additional information from unsuspecting customers looking for help from their banking institution.  

Have a question about the P.F. Chang's data breach or how to protect your identity?  Call your BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties at 858-496-2131 or visit