Guest Blog: 5 Tricks to Increase Sales from your Website

March 12, 2014

Let’s face it, website traffic is essential, but once you’ve increased your visibility you’ll naturally begin to shift your focus to website conversions (sales). Yes, it’s true that more traffic should lead to more sales, but you can increase your sales without having to spend a dime on gaining more traffic.

In fact, as CEO of San Diego web design team RemedyOne, I’ve noticed that most businesses aren’t really looking for traffic, they actually want more sales from their website.

Here are 5 simple tricks that really drive website sales:

Establish a baseline: First off, if you’re not tracking web traffic, user behavior and conversions already, you need to. Some of the best tools are free: Google Analytics is just that- one of the best tools, and completely free. Once you know how many visitors see your website every month and what percentage of those visitors click through to your page, you have a solid foundation to understand which of your techniques are working.

Know your market: Have you ever noticed how many different brands of bottled water exist? There are dozens of different brands of the same product, all packaged and branded for their target markets. Your approach to selling string to kids will be different to selling dentures to the elderly - your web design language and copy needs to speak to that market.

A.I.D.A: The old marketing acronym AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. Once your design is appealing to your target market, you need a specific ‘call to action’ on your website, reassuringly placed in a conspicuous position on your website. It’s just a task you want your visitors to perform like signing up to a newsletter or requesting more information about your service or product. This is considered the goal of your website, and will be what we’ll focus on improving.

Use Design that Sells: There are a few simple tricks you can do to improve conversions on your website. Firstly, use high contrast colors for your text and background. Black text on white is normally the best. Secondly, use a large font! And third, make sure to keep your paragraphs short - make life easy for your visitors.

Test, Test, Test: Once you’ve made your changes, let your site stabilize for a few weeks and watch what happens in your Analytics package. Did traffic go up? Did conversions grow, stay the same, or reduce? Use that information to adjust, tweak and optimize your site until it’s performing the way you want it to. Within a few iterations your results will speak for themselves.

Article courtesy of Simon Hunter, of RemedyOne.

RemedyOne is your ‘No Worries’ San Diego web design and web development team, offering website conversion optimization, real-time web development, responsive web design, SEO and social media strategies. For over 13 years, RemedyOne has been specializing in big-picture development and delivering solid results: No Worries.