Thin Your Waist, Not Your Wallet: January Gym Tips

January 02, 2014

After the confetti has settled, champagne bottles have been emptied and calendars are changed, its tradition to sit down and draw up changes we hope to make in our lives during the coming twelve months. Without fail, Americans across the nation share almost identical New Year’s Resolutions and while these may shift a little, consistently the top three goals are to:

1. Stop Smoking

2. Exercise More

3. Eat Healthier

Because of this, it’s no surprise then that membership enrollment numbers spike in January in gyms all across the nation, even if members fail to lace up their running shoes the rest of the year. But with seven F-rated gym & fitness centers in San Diego alone, how can you make sure you’re signing up with the right gym?

Below are a few tips your BBB has to offer to make sure you’re thinning your waistline, not your wallet:

1. Consider Your Budget: It’s important to not only take a look and see if the monthly fees are within your means, but also to consider any upfront membership dues, cancellation fees or additional annual charges.

2. Schedule a Visit: Take a little time to check out the facility, talk to current members and make sure all of the amenities provided are what you’re looking for. You can even visit at different times of the day to see how crowded the gym is around the time you typically exercise.

3. Don’t Crack under Pressure: Unfortunately, there are salespeople in all industries that use pressure tactics to close a sale. Do not feel obligated to sign a contract immediately or pay any money upfront to reserve a payment plan. Instead, ask to take one home with you to read it over in a more relaxed environment.

4. Read the Fine Print: Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Are the facility’s hours, services, terms of agreement all listed? What is the total cost of enrollment? What is their cancellation policy? Ask any questions or address any concerns you have prior to signing the document and get the answers in writing.

Check out a gym or fitness center's business review before you committ to a membership by visitng  Here you will see their business history, complaint records and more.  Have a complaint against a gym or fitness center?  Visit to submit your complaint in writing.