Tips to Benefit Businesses of Every Size

May 16, 2013

The sun is peaking out. The grass is greenand the birds are chirping. Summer is upon us, and even though school may beout for summer, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to take a break from yourbusiness.

BBB Accredited Businesses are committed toputting their best foot forward, shining past their competition, and alwaysconducting their business with integrity, honesty and the consumer in mind.

Running a successful small business is noeasy feat. Owners must be the CEO, marketing manager, customer service guru andIT representative all in the same day, often times.  It seems there is no task too large or smallfor a business owner of a small company.

At the BBB, we know that it can bedifficult to foster on growth and expansion when you have to focus most of yourenergy on running the day to day operations of your business. Try a few of ourtips for small business success, and see your company rise (I’d pay specialattention to number four!).

1.    Be Consistent. Create a logo, a business name – a brand –and use it. Stay consistent in how you communicate with your current andpotential customers. If a consumer doesn’t understand your services, productsor basic business information, they are unlikely to use your company. A stablemessage ensures that your communication will break through to your targetaudience.

2.    Optimize your web presence.  I can say it until I’m blue in the face: Getonline. The best strategy to attract new customers is to go where they are, andthe vast majority of consumers are online. They are searching for businesses,making new connections, reviewing companies. If you aren’t there to be part ofthe conversation, then you are missing valuable opportunities to reach out tonew customers.

3.    Driving new leads should never take a back seat. Even if businessis booming, you should never stop seeking out and acquiring new customers. Useevery tool available to you at every opportunity to gain business. Your BBB hasa great lead generation tool called Request A Quote in which consumers canrequest a quote from your business directly from your business review. If youaren’t in this free program already, I suggest you sign up by

4.    Use your BBB.  Weare here to help your business grow and be better. We want to help you achievemore, reach new consumers and remain ethical all the while. Our free servicesinclude website creation, BBB-branded business cards, arbitration andmediation, as well as our aforementioned Request A Quote program. To learn moreabout any or all of these programs and services, please contact us

At the BBB, we want to see your businessgrow and flourish. I hope that our tips can help you increase your success. Ifyou have any questions about your BBB Accredition, give us a call at858.637.6199 or email us at