5 Tips To Retain Employees

May 06, 2013

It’s no easy feat finding good help.

Sometimes even the best employers can feel like their office is a revolving door, ushering in and out the unmotivated, unskilled workers of today.

A good employee is as rare as a four-leaf clover, and unlike the plant life doesn’t require a lot of wishing and hoping on your part. Good employees get the job done, lighten your load, are hungry to learn and make your office a happier place.

Once you bring one of these great people into the fold of your company, though, how do you make sure they stick around? The first thing that pops into a lot of employers’ heads might be high salaries and big raises. While it’s true that money is a major motivating factor in the longevity of your employees, there are also several other benefits that can keep a good employee around for the foreseeable future that don’t involve a dizzying number of zeros and commas.

If you have exemplary employees, but no money tree in the backyard, try some of these retention tools in your office:

· Flexibility. Even for the most motivated, exceptional employees, work isn’t their entire lives. Things come up, someone has to take the kids to school, and wouldn’t it be nice to leave a few hours early on Friday for that weekend trip? No one is suggesting allowing employees to come and go as they please, logging minimal hours, but if you create an environment of flexibility and understanding, employees will grow to appreciate and develop a sense of loyalty to your company.

· Don’t forget to give a few high fives. The best way to keep employees is to keep the happy, and a good way to keep people happy is to recognize their good work and achievements. No one, regardless of their station at the company, wants to feel like their hard work is going unnoticed. A pat on the back, an announcement at a company meeting, even a surprise morning Starbucks can elicit more good feelings than you might realize.

· Moving on up. If you’ve got a good employee, promote them. Employees want to work somewhere where they feel they can grow in their careers. Even if you offer the best perks and a great environment, many employees will still leave if they feel they aren’t achieving personal growth.

· Build skillsets and confidence. Offer training and growth opportunities to your employees. By allowing employees to attend classes or trainings in their chosen field, you are benefiting your company and making your employee feel valued. Most classes are offered at a reasonable cost, and can provide good feelings amongst your employees, as well as facilitate a renewed excitement for their current jobs.

· Bring the FUN. Work shouldn’t be all about quotas and workflows and climbing the ladder. Employers who keep their staff around know that a good balance of work and play is important. It can be as simple as monthly staff lunches and holiday parties. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try an office sports league or quarterly staff mixers. If your employees have fun at work as well as when they are with their colleagues, they will be more likely to stick around at your company for a longer time.

Of course, these tips may not keep all of your best employees, but it’s a great start to making your company one that is a desirable location for the best applicants of tomorrow.

What do you think makes employees stay at a company – one of these ideas or something completely different?