Twitter Success? Just A Few Tips Away

March 01, 2013

Depending on your goals, success on social media pages can be measured in many ways. Looking at your number of followers, click through rates and what people are saying about you are all tangible measures of success.

These days, Twitter has become a virtual necessity for almost every business and is the second most used social media page, behind only Facebook. At this point, your business (whether large or small) is missing out on consumers and potential business if you’re not tweeting.

While it may be tempting to dive into the Twitter-verse head first, it’s important to polish your profile and learn your voice before establishing the number of followers you aspire. Below are a few tips on how to construct the Twitter presence and success your business deserves.

Build your bio: Describing your business in a short, compelling way is one of the most important things you can do when starting out. Look at this as a sales pitch – use your motto, catch-phrase and any witty humor that will draw people in. Clarify who you are and what you offer, what differentiates you from competitors and any awards or claims to fame you have achieved.

Choose your @handle wisely: For the sake of clarity, the best handle for your account (if it isn’t taken) is your business name. If it is already in use, be creative! Adding numbers or symbols (underscores, dashes, hyphens, etc.) to your name makes your account still easy to find while distinguishing you from other users. You can also use a witty combination of words to describe users of your product of service if you really want to appeal to your audience’s sense of humor.

Create your content: Social media pages were not created as an advertising platform – they were originally meant as a place to entertain and socialize. That means that while it’s tempting to make your page all about you, don’t. Post relative, interesting, share-worthy content for your users to re-post and you will easily build a larger following.

The internet never sleeps: Twitter is alive and breathing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there really is no wrong time to be actively tweeting. However, knowing your audience and their tendencies becomes effective when choosing what the best times are to tweet to reach the largest number of users. In other words, sending out a tweet at 3am when the majority of your followers are sleeping becomes obsolete and ultimately, a waste of your time, money and efforts.