Don't Get Stumped By Scams on Superbowl Sunday

January 18, 2013

Regardless of if your favorite football team makes it to the Super Bowl, this time of the season is exciting with playoff games, half-time show speculations and anticipation for the best commercials of the year. (Sure, I’d love to be watching the Chargers this postseason, but maybe next year…) As we get ready to throw on our jerseys, sink into our couches and break out the chips & dip, the Better Business Bureau has a few warnings for fans looking to spend a little more money this Super Bowl season.

Counterfeit Memorabilia: Once determined, it’s obvious that memorabilia sales for the two teams playing in the biggest game of the year spike enormously - however, fans (bandwagon or not) should be wary of purchasing anything counterfeit. These items are often cheaply made and amount to theft of the team logo or name. Also beware of websites selling these items when they are not licensed to do so; scammers may set up these sites to gain access to consumer’s credit card numbers without ever having the intention to ship memorabilia. How do you know you’re getting the best quality jersey, pendant, etc. from a source you can trust? Shop the team’s official website or check out the legitimacy of a company on your local BBB’s website.

Ticketing Scams: Thousands of tickets will be listed online during the weeks leading up to February 3rd. If the ticketholder doing the selling is pushy in closing the sale or their offer sounds too good to be true, beware. In addition, look out for phishing emails that circulate, asking you to click on an enclosed link for ticket deals – they often will download malicious software on your computer, enabling scammers to gain access to your personal information.

Money Transfers: While the BBB always cautions users against wiring cash for any sort of sale, we especially urge consumers to be wary when doing so for Super Bowl ticket or memorabilia sales. Visit trusted ticketing sites such as Ticketmaster or Stub Hub to make sure you are buying legitimate tickets and will end up in the stands in just a few short weeks!