Office Manager


Western Pavers Inc

Posted On: 4/28/2014


Full-Time, 8:30 - 5pm 


Description: Office Manager 

Office Manager Job Purpose: Supports company by creating and maintaining office systems and supervising staff.


Office Manager Job Duties:


  • Maintains office by creating and organizing office operations and procedures;
  • Prepares payroll for employees and prepares payments for independent contractors;
  • Maintains financial records and will work closely with Company’s CPA;
  • Maintains office efficiency and productivity by planning, implementing, assigning and monitoring office tasks/systems;
  • Designs and implements office policies by setting standards and procedures; making necessary adjustments as needed;
  • Keeps management informed by developing, reviewing and analyzing reports; summarizing information, and identifying trends.
  • Maintains office staff by recruiting, interviewing, assisting in selecting, and training employees.
  • Maintains office staff by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees; Conducts employee reviews and terminations;
  • Deals with employees’ and contractors’ questions/concerns;
  • Conducts collection efforts including courtesy phone calls, letters, preliminary notices, lien notices, and any necessary legal formalities;
  • Performs Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables duties;
  • Maintains company’s reputation by dealing with customers’ and vendors’ concerns/questions in a professional manner.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, and training with Sales staff;
  • Reports to Upper Management regarding all Company financials, operations, sales, etc.;
  • Contributes to a team effort.








Skills/Qualifications:  Management, Great Communication, Tracking Budget Expenses, Delegation, Staffing, Work well under pressure, Supervision, Developing Standards, Promoting Improvement, Inventory Control, Reporting Skills, Multi-tasking, Perform with little supervision, Fast-learner

Experience Required:  HR Experience, 3+ years experience in QuickBooks Contractors Edition, 3+ years experience in Office Management Position, Customer Service

Desired Skills but not Required:  Landscape experience, Home Improvement Industry Experience, Spanish Speaker

Education Requirements

Some College Required 

Base Salary







Paving Contractors Paving Contractors

Contact Information

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BBB® Advice

BBB Advice

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  • Never give out your social security number or date of birth to a prospective employer until you are at the background check stage.
  • Never provide credit card or bank numbers or engage in a monetary transaction of any sort until you have been hired.
  • Never provide any non-work related personal information (i.e. eye color, marital status, dependants, etc.) over the phone or online.
  • Be cautious when dealing with contacts outside of your own country.
  • When using social networking sites be sure to check the actual website of the business posting the position to verify it actually exists. If you don’t see it on their site, chances are it’s a scam.