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Tarpy Heating & Air

Posted On: 2/18/2013


Tarpy Heating and Air is currently looking for an experienced Director of Marketing. You must be able to have the ability to learn the HVAC /plumbing industry. We are looking for a certain person with creative artistic abilities to help further and help grow our company.
We are a growing family orientated company that is experiencing dynamic growth and are looking for people that want growth in their career.
We are looking for a reliable, honest and professional person, who believes in and practices integrity and must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time, must be motivated to work and be able to work well with customer service.

Your hours will be 11am -7pm Wednesday -- Sunday
Compensation will be determined upon experience
Please submit your resume with detailed work history


Candidate Requirements:
1. Must have a degree in marketing, and must have experience in marketing at least 3-5 years.
2. Must ne computer literate
3. Must be Organized, and clean cut.
4. Must be able to understand CEO.
5. Must know how to use Google add words as well as search engine and must be able to program.
6. Strong verbal /written communication skills
8. Sales experience is a MUST!
9. Tarpy heating and air believes in a drug free work environment, pre-employment drug screening.
10. Must be able to get along with everyone with a professional manner.


Depending on experience

Heating & Air Conditioning Heating & Air Conditioning

Contact Information

Krystle Grondin Email: Please email resume
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BBB Advice

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  • Be cautious when dealing with contacts outside of your own country.
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