Disaster Recovery Tips

August 14, 2014

South and central Saskatchewan was hit with a second major summer storm on the evening of August 8 resulting in significant damage to business and residential properties.  BBB reminds consumers and businesses that not every contractor has your best interests at heart, and if such third party services are required then BBB encourages you to be cautious in your search for external services.  As a minimum affected consumers or businesses should:           

  • Attend to Personal Safety and Security - Get your family settled and in a safe place, then contact your insurance agent or broker.  Remove valuable and essential items only when it is safe to do so;
  • Re-entering your Property -  Only return to your property when it has been deemed safe using extreme caution  as damage may have occurred to gas lines, electrical systems, or there may be unseen risk; 
  • Foods and Medications -  If food or medication has been damaged or contaminated throw it out!  
  • Cleaning up - If your property can remain occupied, give the property a thorough cleaning and drying.   You can seek professional help under “Fire & Water Damage Restoration” in the yellow pages or on the BBB website.

Consultation with a flood restoration specialist may be warranted, but the basic steps to clean after a flood include removal of standing water; removal of mud; deconstruction of  walls, floors and ceilings, followed by disinfection of remaining surfaces.

  • Record Keeping - You will need to provide a list of lost or damaged items as part of your insurance claim, or in the absence of an insurable loss for any potential claim you might have under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Plan, so take to time to document in detail. 
  • Repairing your home - The demand for qualified contractors after a disaster usually exceeds supply.   Undertake some due diligence and check prospective businesses out before committing to their services.  The best contractors will provide you with an idea of when they can assist you, and most will operate with extended hours of service to deal with the most serious situations first.   BBB can provide you with lists of established contractors who may have the capacity to assist you.

You may contact the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan at (306) 352-7601 or toll free to 1 (800) 352-7601.   You can also email us at info@sask.bbb.org or contact us online at www.sask.bbb.org.

The Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan Inc. is a non-profit organization funded by accredited businesses throughout the province.

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