CONSUMER ALERT: Everis Business Consulting -

December 10, 2013

The BBB* warns consumers and businesses that a business, Everis Business Consulting, is pursuing Saskatchewan consumers with offers to work from home. The business operates with a website appearing professional and legitimate. The business scans local websites for people seeking employment opportunities, and initiates contact directly with potential victims. Contact occurs through email and telephone channels. Telephone interviews are conducted following which the consumer is offered the employment opportunity which may start with a small local research task then migrates to testing money transfer services as a secret shopper. The victim is provided a fraudulent deposit and is then asked to take cash resources and send wire transfers to one or more third parties. The initial deposit is NSF and the victim may be held responsible for the fraudulent funds.

The website for Everis Business Consulting was built in 2013 and includes key errors that are red flags including:

1. In its ”history” the business is alleged to have been founded in 1984 then immediately states in the next line that it has been serving global companies for more than 6 decades, a clear inconsistency;

2. The “contact us” page contains a Saskatoon business address occupied by Business Infosource, and Business Infosource has confirmed that there is no Everis Business Consulting organization located at that address;

3. The telephone number for the Saskatoon office of the business identifies the area code as (309) which is an area code used in west central Illinois; The BBB called the number and reached a message manager, leaving a message which has not been returned; the phone number is likely spoofed and probably linked to a call centre which may not be based in North America;

4. The Chicago address on the website is in downtown Chicago and at this date BBB has not been able to confirm if Everis Business Consulting actually has offices in that location. The Chicago phone number uses area code (773) which is the City of Chicago but when the BBB called that number connections could not be made;

5. Google searches of both telephone numbers yielded links to scams and reported scams.

The BBB in Chicago conducted its own parallel investigation and reports that the business name has been linked to scams including financial transactions through personal bank accounts, mystery shopping scams, and lottery scams.

The BBB recommends that consumers:

· Ignore and delete unsolicited emails, particularly if the consumer is actively seeking employment opportunities through publicly accessible websites as the perpetrators are searching for targets on those websites;

· Verify and validate business addresses and phone numbers posted on websites to ensure that legitimate businesses exist at those addresses and telephone numbers;

· Ask for the address of the Registered Office in Saskatchewan for the business;

· Conduct internet searches of phone numbers, addresses and personal names obtained through any contact with the business;

· Ignore such calls if you have caller ID, but write the number down so it can be reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre; If you suspect fraud or a scam call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 (888) 495-8501.

If a consumer or business has any questions regarding these calls or calls of a similar nature, please contact the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan at (306) 352-7601 or toll free to (800) 352-7601. You can also email us at or contact us online at The Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan Inc. is a non-profit organization funded by accredited businesses throughout the province.

“The BBB… developing, encouraging and promoting

ethical business practices in the marketplace.”

*Trade-mark of the Council of Better Business Bureaus used under license