Alert: Offshore Directory Business Soliciting in Saskatchewan

December 10, 2013

The BBB* has been provided information from the Regina and RegionHomebuilder’s Association relating to an off-shore business based in Bratslava,Slovakia that is soliciting business information for publication in what isalleged to be an online Exhibitor’s Index of Events.  The letter and attached form is seekingconfirmation of the accuracy of information from Saskatchewan business andprofessional organizations that can be placed as advertising in an index ofevents around the world.  In theinformation received the “Spring Home Show, Regina” is specifically identified,and the RRHBA has confirmed that they have not authorized or encouraged thissolicitation, nor are they affiliated whatsoever.


The BBB notes that on the attachment where business informationwould be detailed, the fine print at the bottom of the page includes pricing,and effectively commits the business to a 3 year contract at 1177 Euro’sannually should it be returned inadvertently.  There is no reference to the readership or consumer traffic that thisalleged Index may generate for any subscribing business and accordingly thefinancial commitment is unlikely to provide any value to the contemplatedadvertising. 


The BBB anticipates that other communications and solicitationsrelating to other significant events in the Saskatchewan market are likely tooccur in the future.  Any businesses whomight receive this kind of solicitation by mail, fax or email are encouraged tobe extremely cautious before replying with any confirming information.


You may contact the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan at(306) 352-7601 or toll free to 1 (800) 352-7601.   You can also email us at or contact us online at


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