January 13, 2012

Every year many of us make well-intended resolutions to change our lifestyles, and in reality many elect to acquire gym memberships intent on improving physical fitness and losing weight. Every year the BBB receives subsequent complaints in the middle of the year relating to contractual obligations that the consumers cannot typically cancel. The BBB wants to encourage consumers to pursue physical well being and improved lifestyles but when contemplating a gym membership or relationship there are a number of questions that need to be asked prior to entering any contractual relationship including:  


1.    What are the terms of any introductory offers?   Gyms use special introductory offers to entice new members. Ensure you understand the terms and the cost once the introductory period is over.  Many gyms require multi-year contracts and don’t offer month to month arrangements which for most consumers is probably preferable.


2.    Will my membership renew automatically?   The BBB receives frequent complaints from people who joined a gym and didn’t realize that their contract would renew automatically, and gym operations require specific steps to cancel contract.  Early or mid term cancellations may carry financial costs. 


3.   How can I get out of my contract?   Getting out of a gym contact isn’t as easy as getting into one, so ensure you understand what steps the gym requires to cancel your membership.


4.    What happens if I move?   Policies vary by gym operation as relates when a consumer is moving, and how the gym applies the policy may depend on how far away you are moving and if they have another facility in your new community area.


5.    What happens if the Gym goes out of business?   The BBB receives complaints from people after their gym suddenly close and taking your money with them.   Ask the gym to explain what will happen to your money if they suddenly go out of business.


As a consumer you need to ask yourself what your fitness goals are and what medical issues do you need to consider prior to entering into any contractual arrangement for a gym membership.

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