Consumer Value of BBB Accreditation


Marketing Insights

April 2016: Issue 4


In this issue of Marketing Insights, we’re highlighting information shared in a recent Research Corner column that ran in the April 8th edition of the Weekly Digest. Today’s topic: Consumer Value of BBB Accreditation.

Empowered by technology, consumers are becoming increasingly selective regarding which business they choose to patron with. Consumers increasingly have distinctive preferences toward companies with strong corporate social responsible practices. Businesses face intense competition within today’s marketplace and are constantly looking for new metrics of differentiation. The BBB Accreditation Seal conveys to consumers that a business is credible, competitive and socially responsible. 

We surveyed ~2,000 consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada about their feelings and emotions when they see a business with a BBB Accreditation Seal. Below are the results.